Making Things in 2018

2017 was the first year I really made a lot of stuff, both with electronics and woodworking. I looked back and linked to every post throughout the year. There ended up being 63 posts, with 11 in December leading the way.

How did 2018 go?













I figured the 2018 total would be lower, but it was significantly higher, with 96 posts. December 2017’s post count of 11 continued for each of the next three months. In May things started to fall off after I went to Spain and focused on some health stuff. Then in June I bought my truck and started working on that. Things slowed through the middle of the year, when I didn’t touch electronics for a while. December was another busy month with a new high of 16 posts.

As I scrolled back through posts to collect these links it was cool to reflect on how long ago some of my projects were and how much my skills (and comfort) have improved in just the last year. I did a lot of woodworking and filled out my workshop.

I made some dents in my project/idea list. Of course new things have been added, so expect a lot of posts this year as well. Maybe I can hit 100 posts.

What’s on your 2019 project list?

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