Hello Fresh

In addition to getting prepared meals from Factor 75, I thought I’d try out one of those services that send you all of the ingredients with a recipe. I signed up for Hello Fresh since I had just received a coupon in the mail. My thinking was that it would be nice to cook a few meals each week so I tried out the lowest plan available, which was two meals with two servings each.


Just like Factor 75, I liked that they deliver on Tuesdays. Box had insulation and packages of frozen gel to keep things cold, just like Factor 75. Inside the box, each meal was split into its own bag plus an instruction card.


Here is a closer look at everything included for the tomato flatbread meal.


Over two weeks I picked meals that were on the low side of prep/cook time. Remember I’m trying to save time. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Hello Fresh uses quality ingredients. Here are a few photos of what I cooked.




Everything tasted great. It’s a really good service and one I’d recommend. I decided to cancel and increased the number of weekly Factor 75 meals from 8 to 12 because their food is so good and a lot more convenient.

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