1968-72 Chevrolet C10 Horn Button Assembly

When I bought the 1968 Chevy C10, the previous owner had wired up a new horn to a button he installed where the choke was supposed to be in the dash. I wanted to get the horn working on the steering wheel. In the box of parts he gave me, I found an assortment of stuff that seemed to go with a horn button (according to various diagrams I’d found). Here are the parts as well as what I took out of the steering wheel.


I tried many combinations from the limited info I was able to Google and what I now know are incorrect diagrams in the LMC Truck catalog. Eventually I posted on the 67-72chevytrucks.com forum asking for help. Turned out the metal cup was too short! After getting the proper one and making an extra layer of plastic spacers (see video) I was in business.

Since I had so much trouble finding useful information, I created a video that’ll hopefully make it easier for the next person who tries to do this.

5 thoughts on “1968-72 Chevrolet C10 Horn Button Assembly

  1. Hi, I’ve watched you video and it was very helpful but I just wanted to know why you put spacers. I’ve been having issues with my 1972 C10s horn button going off when I turn the wheel, any suggestions?


  2. Nick – where were you able to locate the kit with the larger can? All I’ve been able to locate are the kits with the shorter can which is what our customer attempted to install not knowing the shorter can is causing the horn not to work. Thanks for the help!


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