Beginner Lock Picking

I’ve always wanted to learn how to pick locks. I’m not sure why I never bought a lock pick set though. Seven years ago I did learn how to get out of handcuffs while riding a San Francisco subway.

Then AdaBox007 came with a starter set of lock picks and a clear training lock. After reading and watching some videos, I learned that the set was missing some important picks, so I ordered the SouthOrd PXS-14 – Beginners Lock Pick Set (reviewed by bosnianbill of Lock-Lab). Each night I’ve practiced while watching TV. I can’t believe how easy it is to open up some locks, so I had to make a video.

If you’re interested in learning, grab a beginner set of picks (don’t go too cheap) and read Lock Picking: Detail Overkill (free PDF download). Then watch some videos on YouTube (bosnianbill has a playlist for beginners). I’ll publish a future post when I acquire more skills.

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