Tiger is Back


It’s still hard to believe what we watched yesterday. A round of PGA tournament golf hasn’t been that exciting in a decade.

I think we all believe now. More importantly, you could see that Tiger believes, which is scary for the rest of the players on tour. How long do we have to wait for the 2019 Masters?

Following Tiger’s 2018 PGA Championship Final Round

I’m going to try something different with today’s post. I’ll update here with my thoughts as Tiger Woods progresses through his round. All times are Eastern.

2:40pm – Great bunker shot. Needs to convert this putt for a good start.

2:46pm – Can’t miss those.

2:49pm – That’s two irons left off the tee. Better start hitting some fairways or it’s going to be a long day.

2:53pm – Almost sounded like that hit the stick. He’s not going to miss this one.

3:00pm – Throwing darts!

3:10pm – How will the other players react to the Tiger roars and his name up there so early on Sunday? Most of them have never had to deal with this.

3:21pm – Huge save.

3:32pm – How many other players even try that shot?

3:37pm – Another big save. Time to start hitting some fairways though.

3:45pm – Couldn’t save three in a row, but Koepka is coming back to the field.

3:59pm – Only one bogey grinding through those four, but not going to win having to make par saves all day. Justin Thomas is looking like the player to beat.

4:03pm – Another terrible driver! Everyone else is crumbling though.

4:15pm – Back on track. If you told him he’d shoot -2 through eight without hitting a fairway, I think anyone would take it.

4:18pm – Tiger looked to be flexing his wrist after that tee shot on 9, which is another missed fairway with an iron. His relief from the cart path would be on the other side? What’s up with that?

4:25pm – They must have thought his ball was actually on the path when they said that about where his relief would be. Hell of a shot!

4:29pm – My first scream “Yes!”

4:34pm – Holy shit, a fairway! Keep getting the crowd roaring and get in their heads.

4:47pm – Thomas Pieters is doing a hell of a job of throwing up a number for them all to look at as they come in. Koepka has righted the ship. Will be tough to catch unless he makes some mistakes on the back.

4:59pm – How does that not fall? You have to birdie there.

5:08pm – Another dart. Deep breath. Back on track.

5:16pm – Big help that Koepka and Scott both parred 11 too. This delay isn’t good for Tiger’s momentem after that approach shot though.

5:24pm – I like the aggressive play on that par 3 pin. JT not going away with a huge par bomb.

5:28pm – First chills of the day. One back.

5:37pm – I think we’re due for a Tiger chip-in. I guess everyone is going at that pin on 13.

5:41pm – Not even close. Koepka has missed a couple great birdie chances though.

5:55pm – You can see how bad Tiger wants it. Great drive and another dart.

6:06pm – Would have been nice to make that one.

6:10pm – How do they not have a camera on that?

6:17pm – The driver and some irons off the tee really let him down today. Couple putts could have fallen, but every player can say that.

6:26pm – Great par save, but needed at least a birdie there.

6:38pm – Boom. Love to see that final putt go in. Today was fun to watch. Tiger got a taste of it again today and you could see his focus. I’m going to call it right now, he wins 1 or 2 majors next year. Watch out for him in the FedEx Playoffs.

6:41pm – I’m tearing up watching him walk off the course with the crowd cheering. Amazing to see him back in contention.

7:03pm – That final putt ended up being a big one when Scott bogeyed to give Tiger solo 2nd.

7:06pm – I have never seen Tiger wait around and congratulate the winner like that.

Accidental iPhone X Modes

Something I’ve noticed more and more with the iPhone X is I accidentally trigger some modes a lot more than I ever did with previous models. Here are 14 screenshots and pictures (actually a lot more since five of these are burst modes) I took today while leaving the gym.

Two other things I trigger all the time are the Apple Pay prompt and Emergency calling. Thankfully I haven’t called an emergency contact yet. Maybe it’s because I enabled Raise to Wake for use with Face ID, which was never enabled before.

Does anyone else have these issues?

Link Dump – 2018/08/08


Fresh Miles

In my post about the truck interior a couple of weeks ago I talked about the broken odometer and inaccurate speedometer. Last weekend the new speedometer came in and I installed it before making the trip down to my brother’s place.

Driving on a marked freeway is the best way to test the accuracy of your odometer. At one of the mile markers (not an exit), note your odometer reading. Drive 10 miles (by the markers) and note how far your odometer said you travelled. Mine was showing about 11.8 miles each of the 3 times I checked it, so it was about 18% high. When I compared the speedometer to a speed app on my phone it was even more inaccurate.

I was not going 100 mph! More like 80. Cool to have an odometer starting from 0.

After testing the odometer you basically have two choices: 1) swap out the speedometer gears inside the transmission, so the speedometer cable spins at a slower rate, or 2) put a ratio adapter between the transmission and the speedometer cable. The first option is much cheaper and the second option is much easier.

I went with the easier option so I could fix it myself. You can buy adapters that either speed up or slow down the rate that the speedometer spins. This is where you need a bit of math. My odometer was 18% high, but that doesn’t mean I want to slow it down 18%. To go from 11.8 miles to 10, it’s about a 15.3% decrease (1.8/11.8). I didn’t feel like getting a custom ratio adapter built, so I found one close enough (17.6% slow down), which cost me $91. It was an easy install…

I took the truck out for a test drive and after 2 miles the speedometer dropped to 0 and the odometer stopped turning over. What the fuck?!

The next day I started troubleshooting and quickly found the problem when I unscrewed the speedometer cable from the ratio adapter. When I tugged on the inner cable a bit, the end came right out!


I must have either bumped the cabling around during the install or this was really bad timing. The outer cable housing must have been sitting on the exhaust, which melted right through, jammed up, and prevented the inner cable from spinning freely. The transmission kept spinning the end and the inner cable unravelled, completely snapping.

Bad picture

I picked up a brand new speedometer cable and outer jacket from Advanced Auto Parts for less than $14. I’m glad the closest they had to 72″ (length of my old one) was 83″ because I ended up needing the extra foot. I installed the cable, properly routed it up to the dash, and zip tied it in place so it can’t come in contact with the exhaust or any moving parts.

After a test drive, the odometer was about 3% high, which was to be expected. Remember that I needed to slow it down 15.3% and the closest adapter I could find slowed it down a bit more, by 17.6%. Speeds were about 2-5 mph fast until I got on the freeway where it was dead nuts while going 70-77 mph. Close enough for me!

I have an idea of the gas mileage from the first trip with the odometer (after adjusting for the inaccuracy), but now that everything is working I’ll be able to track it and see for sure what I’m getting. Stay tuned!