It’s OK

I’m afraid. You might be too. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world. It’s OK to admit our fears.

The coming days, weeks, and months are going to be challenging in ways we cannot imagine right now. I’ll need help. You’ll need help. It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to offer help before someone asks for it.

I’ve shed tears. You may have as well. You may soon. It’s OK to cry.

Family. Friends. Community. We’ll get through this together. We’re already seeing incredible acts of kindness and support. Everyone will react in their own way. It’s OK to show some love.

It’s OK to feel.

It’s OK to act.

It’s OK.

Hot Take: Most CrossFitters Should Avoid Butterfly Pull-ups

Hear me out!

After some travel and recovering from a bad back tweak, I had only done strict pull-ups for about 5 weeks. On Tuesday I was able to add the more CrossFitty pull-up back in, doing 75 in an eight minute workout. The workout was a five rounder with 15 pull-ups per round and I was able to split those up in to three sets of five each time. I did every rep with the gymnastics kip instead of the butterfly kip I’d typically use. It got me thinking about pull-ups in CrossFit.

In the early days of CrossFit (before I started) there were strict pull-ups and the kipping pull-up. Then in 2007 came the butterfly.

It was invented as a way for competitors to do pull-ups faster. I’ll say that again. It was invented as a way for competitors to do pull-ups faster.

Sure, it also allows the general CrossFit population to be able to do some pull-up faster as well. In my experience though, it’s a lot more taxing on our breathing and our grip, compared to the gymnastics kipping pull-up. If a workout calls for high rep pull-us and you’re using the butterfly, before you know it, you’re taking a lot longer rests and doing smaller and smaller sets. Competitors don’t run into this problem anywhere close to the degree that us mortals do. They’re able to keep working on very short rests with much larger sets. The butterfly pull-up speed makes a big difference for them. Over the course of most workouts, I’d bet the butterfly pull-up and associated rest between smaller and smaller sets doesn’t give us normal CrossFitters any speed advantage at all; it’s slowing us down in the long run.

The butterfly pull-up also puts more stress on the shoulder because of the violent change in direction at speed. The risk of injury is higher.

Next time you’re doing a workout with a lot of pull-ups, consider sticking to the original kipping pull-up. I know I will. Leave the butterfly for those short workouts where you can maintain sets with little rest.

What do you think?

Dubai 2020

I’ve been back from a two week trip to Dubai for over a week, so it’s time I posted all of the photos and videos!


I had my first flat white on the very first morning and fell in love with the drink. I also had plenty of other coffees.


I always like to eat a variety of things when I travel.

Night Golf

Without a doubt, the coolest thing I did was play night golf.

I also have a video of me playing an entire par 3, which I posted several weeks ago. So  go check that out.

Desert Safari

Dune bashing as part of a desert safari was also a lot of fun!


Other views from the trip, including trips to the Dubai Miracle Garden and Burj Khalifa.

Mostly Gyms

Finally, some random other things.

The travel time and jet lag from a 9 hour time difference was pretty brutal, but it was well worth it. I’d definitely go back some day.

Playing #12 at Emirates Golf Club – The Faldo Course

Last night I played The Faldo Course at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai under the lights. It was incredible! At the turn, the couple I had been playing with called it a night because the back nine was backed up. I got behind a bunch of groups so had time for more photos and videos.

Hole #12 was playing 142 yards according to the GPS on the cart. I pulled out the W from the set of Pings I had rented, choked up to take something off it, and you can watch the result…

Making Things in 2019

I posted recaps of my making for 2017 and 2018. I thought I might be able to hit 100 making posts in 2019, but I fell well short of that. November and December of 2018 kind of burned me out. I do a bit in 2019 though…








Only 21 posts for the year!

The Problem with Chiropractors

Whenever I tweak my back, people ask if I’m going to see a chiropractor. Nope.

I’ve tried several different ones, but they never fixed anything, so I stopped going a couple years ago. After previous back tweaks, getting “adjusted” in a chiro office for 5-10 minutes did make me feel better. Movement usually helps with that type of injury, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Thirty minutes after leaving the office it was like I hadn’t even been there; my back would be back to feeling exactly the same. Bouncing around on an exercise ball at home gave me the same relief.

Kind of fitting after tweaking my back last week, this video suggestion came up on YouTube…

I highly recommend you take the time to read the article Yvette (Joe’s guest in the video) wrote, titled Chiropractors are Bullshit.

Science says that if your back is ailing, get a massage and go to a physical therapist.

It’s probably time I go see a PT.

2019 Closet Purge

Does anyone else have a hard time getting rid of clothes?

A few years ago I started going through all of my clothes at the end of the year. I donate everything that no longer fits or I haven’t wore in a year. I also end up finding clothes I forgot about that fit.

Here’s this year’s pile for Goodwill.