Saturday Surprise

We got slammed with storms last night and about 20 gallons of water came in by one of the basement windows. Really glad all of my big tools are on castors.

I Would Rather #5

Would you rather have unlimited international first-class tickets or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

Unlimited international first-class tickets. I’d love to travel to other countries more and flying first-class would be sweeeet!

Would you rather see what was behind every closed door or be able to guess the combination of every safe on the first try?

See what was behind every closed door I guess because being able to guess the combination of every safe seems like a skill that would only be good for criminals.

Would you rather be an average person in the present or a king of a large country 2,500 years ago?

An average person in the present. I have no desire to live 2,500 years ago.

Would you rather be able to dodge anything no matter how fast it’s moving or be able to ask any three questions and have them answered accurately?

Dodge anything no matter how fast it’s moving. Trying to come up with three questions would be stressful.

Would you rather be forced to dance every time you heard music or be forced to sing along to any song you heard?

Sing along to any song you heard, which I do all the time by myself. I rare bust out a dance move though.

Would you rather have all your clothes fit perfectly or have the most comfortable pillow, blankets, and sheets in existence?

Have all my clothes fit perfectly. It’s not easy finding clothes for a body built by CrossFit and that’s just truth.

Would you rather 5% of the population have telepathy, or 5% of the population have telekinesis? You are not part of the 5% that has telepathy or telekinesis.

Telekinesis because then I wouldn’t have to wonder if people are communicating about me when I was with them.

Would you rather be an unimportant character in the last movie you saw or an unimportant character in the last book you read?

I don’t remember the last book I read completely, so I’ll go with movie, which was John Wick 3.

Would you rather move to a new city or town every week or never be able to leave the city or town you were born in?

Moving to a new city or town every week would be exciting.

Would you rather travel the world for a year on a shoestring budget or stay in only one country for a year but live in luxury?

Stay in one country for a year living in luxury! I could travel the world at another time.

Anasazi Steakhouse

On our last night in Utah a few weeks ago we went to eat at the Anasazi Steakhouse in St. George. It was one of the neatest dining experiences I’ve had. When you order a steak, the chef sears it and then they bring it to you on a 600° volcanic rock that was heated for 6-8 hours. You cut it your steak and cook it the rest of the way however you want. I had the 10 oz. filet, which was awesome.

One Line Movie Reviews – May 2019

I watched several movies on the Utah trip flights, so it’s a good time to review everything I’ve watched over the last month or two.

Unicorn Store

I guess it was a feel-good movie about following your dreams, but I only picked it because I had watched Captain Marvel a week or two before.

Creed II

Solid addition to the Rocky series.

Breaking In

Do not get between a mother and her children.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Never really knew much about Queen before watching this and I really loved all of the music in the movie.

Avengers: Endgame

I managed to avoid spoilers for a week while I was out-of-town and was not disappointed in how they brought everything together for this chapter of the story.

The Highwaymen

Costner and Harrelson forme a great team in this incredible story.

Bunny Breakfast

This morning I noticed this rabbit on the porch eating a dandelion. I was quick enough to grab my phone and record some video.