Another Garage Reorganization

A couple of years ago I did a big reorganization of the garage before I moved all of my tools to the basement and created a workshop down there. The high shelves on the front wall of the garage turned out to be a terrible idea because I couldn’t reach anything; I’d have to move a bunch of shit out of the way and use a ladder. I finally had enough and moved everything around. Here’s a before and after.

A lot of the room I got back was due to removing the treadmill (both were free!) that didn’t fold up. I disassembled it last week to salvage the motor, speed controller, and a lot of other parts. I can easily access the shelves by moving the lawn mower out of the way and it won’t seem like I’m going to slam my car door into something (I back in so the charge port is next to the charger).

Sanding Station Drawers

I didn’t think I’d use all of the drawers in the sanding station, but I did.

Various hand sanding items and a sanding disc/belt cleaner


Discs for random orbital sanders and 1/4 sheets of sandpaper
Sandpaper sheets
Random scraps of sandpaper and pieces for a Black & Decker Mouse detail sander (really good use of the largest drawer)
Sanding drums for a drill and belts, discs, sleeves, and accessories for sanding machines
Random orbital sanders
Other hand sanders

Mat Storage on a Garage Wall

I’ve slowly been continuing with my garage gym clean-up and reorganization. Originally I was going to get rid of the extra stall mats because I’m not going to park on top of them and I have a much thinner mat that rolls up and easily stores in a corner. As I was looking at the back wall I got an idea to store these two pieces of mat against the wall, so I can quickly pull them down for workouts.


The mats are 3/4 inch and very rigid, so they stand pretty well on their own. I wasn’t going to risk them falling back on a vehicle though, so they needed a seat belt.


On each side I drilled in to a stud and screwed in an eye bolt. Then I could hook in a ratchet strap, tighten it, and the mats will never fall over.


I love when an easy solution works.

DIY Organizer for Barbell Accessories

These accessories for my barbells were laying on the floor or on a shelf (now full of other things). I built this organizer out of a bunch of scrap wood so everything has a place to go, which is out of the way.

Custom Dumbbell Storage

I’ve been cleaning up and reorganizing my gym to make room for a second vehicle in the garage. Floor space has become a premium resource, so I built a little rack so these small dumbbells have a place to go. Even better, it uses up what normally would be wasted space under a shelf.


Air Tool Organization

I’d been thinking about getting a better cordless brad nailer because the old Craftsman one I have is useless. I discovered Craftsman makes a much better one in the C3 line, but it runs about $130. I kept looking around and found Home Depot selling a Porter-Cable combo kit with:

  • 6 Gallon 150 PSI Air Compressor

  • 16-Gauge Nailer

  • 18-Gauge Nailer

  • 3/8″ Stapler

  • 25′ Hose

It was down to $200 from $279! I bought it the next morning. I also stopped by Harbor Freight for their air tool accessory kit (gotta have a blow gun!) and a second 25′ hose.

I didn’t want the compressor in the shop because it’s very loud when it runs. So I cut a hole through the wall, put in an electrical box, and added a face plate so it doesn’t look too much like a hack job. If I ever move it I can swap out the place for a blank one.


Where it comes through on the other side is under my staircase, which is fairly central in the shop. Figured that would be a good place to store the tools.


I didn’t want to have to go to the other room to turn the compressor on/off. So I removed an old outlet that was on this wall, added a 2-gang electrical box, put in a new outlet, and wired a switch to control the bottom plug (top plug stays hot). Now I can always leave the compressor’s power switch turned on.