Favorite Buys of 2018

I’m back for another year of my favorite purchases.



I bought this used Craftsman jointer, cleaned it up, replaced the blades, and built dust collection. It pairs so well with a planer and even the table saw. I’ve used it a lot more than I expected.

Factor 75 Meals


I’ve been loving the Factor 75 meals for almost 8 months now. The food is good and the ingredients are healthy. Saves me a lot of time and prevents me from making too many bad food choices.

YouTube TV


After trying out a few different streaming services, I finally landed on YouTube TV. I really like it and find the recommendations spot on for my watching habits.

Boldport Club

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 5.48.03 PM

Even though the subscription model is ending this month, I had to include it because I had so much fun building the projects last year.



I’ve gone in streaks of using my SodaStream, but it’s so much better than buying battles of fizzy flavored water all the time. When I do use it, I drink a lot more water.

Drill Bit Gauge


This might be the best value for the dollar I spent all year in the shop. I use this thing all the time. The Metal Drill Bit Gauge from Amazon is my favorite of the two and of course I found plastic ones at a bunch of estate sales a week later.

Rust-Oleum Spray Grip Spray Paint Gun


If the drill bit gauge isn’t the best money per $, this spray grip is. Makes a world of difference with hand comfort when spraying paint, lacquer, or anything else from a can.


I didn’t realize how much of a difference extending my network would make with connectivity in the garage and basement. Really happy with the Eero system.

Tesla Model 3


I saved the best for last. The Model 3 is an amazing ride. Stay tuned for a post later this month, three months after taking delivery. If it wasn’t for this car, the 1968 Chevrolet C10 would have made the list.

First Post of 2007

Wow, three months without a single post on the blog. That kind of sucks. I’ve had plenty of material to write about. Looking back through my calendar, here are a few highlights…

  • January 5 — Bought a house.
  • January 7-12 — Attended MacWorld in San Francisco, CA.
  • Rest of January — Cleaning, removing wallpaper, painting, and moving.
  • January 23 — Started a new job at SVSU as Microlab Technology Specialist.
  • February 11-17 — Trip to Phoenix, AZ for Altiris training and lots of golf.
  • March 14 — Saw the movie 300 in IMAX, which was AMAZING!
  • Marach 17 — Bought a road bike.
  • March 25 — Walked 18 holes here in Saginaw, MI. Had never before played MI golf in March.

January was a crazy month for me and February was pretty busy as well getting set in the new job. I love the house I bought and went with a pretty big one as a first time home owner. Go big or go home right? The new job is excellent. I don’t have to deal with the phones and stress of working at a Help Desk anymore. I’m kind of on my own which is a new challenge and very rewarding.

I’ve been working out like a mad man for the most part and really enjoying it. I feel so much better, both mentally and physically, when I workout daily. I want to “attempt” a couple of triathlons this summer, which I think will be an amazing experience and quite the accomplishment.

I still have that new design stashed away for MDV. Once I get my taxes done and a few other things done around the house I’ll try to pull it back out and get it finished because this site really needs a face lift.

New Blades

Rollerblade Astro 7I bought a new pair of rollerblades earlier in the week. After a very short decision period I decided to go with the Rollerblade Astro 7 because I like to go all-out when I’m blading for a workout. The Astro 7 model has a larger wheel size and better ball bearings, which make the wheels spin faster and allow me get more speed.

On Wednesday I took them out for a casual ride with my friend Casey and we ended up going about 5.3 miles. The rollerblades feel good and are a big improvement from my old pair which are about 8 years old. It was definitely time for a replacement. The feature I like most about the new pair is the tightening which is called the TFS MICRO closure system. It literally takes a couple of seconds to tighten up the boot fit. It’s not like the shoe lace type boot fit I’ve seen on a lot of other rollerblade models.

At $150 for a $210 pair of blades I couldn’t go wrong!

Watch Your Cart

I just went to purchase ER – The Complete Fourth Season from Amazon and made it all the way to the final step of checkout before realizing my total was over $1,500! My first thought was “That’s an expensive DVD.” Then I realized I still had an Apple iMac G5 in the shopping cart from a week ago. Kind of a neat little trick on Amazon’s part, but not very customer friendly if you ask me. A few clicks later the item was removed and my total price was normal again, but I would not have been a happy camper to find a new computer delivered to my doorstep (unless it was free).

Microsoft Xbox 360 Is Ordered

I just pre-ordered a Microsoft Xbox 360 through a special Reward Zone offer with Best Buy. I went all the way getting the Full bundle which includes the hard drive, wireless controller, extra wireless controller, wireless charging system, Madden 06 game, Gotham Racing game. I wasn’t planning on spending so much, but you only live once right? The whole deal set me back $635, so it better be worth it!