Well, DIRECTV NOW didn’t last very long. I wasn’t impressed with the service or the interface (Playstation Vue was 100x better), but it was useable. Last month they released a new app, finally with Cloud DVR support. The app removed ABC, CBS, and NBC from the channel lineup though. See ya!

I’m going to give YouTube TV a try. They don’t have the Discovery channel but I’ll have the Golf Channel again, so that’s a win. I’ll post an update in a month or two.


5 thoughts on “Done With DIRECTV NOW

  1. I’ve also been trying out different options – YouTube TV has been the best so far – the UI is great and the local channels are nice to have. Only downside is it doesn’t have a couple channels we need (Viceland in particular) and it’s slightly more expensive.

    Sling TV which has been pretty reliable, cheap, and has Viceland. 🙂 Downside is the UI is pretty average.

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  2. I’ve been using YouTubeTV for about two months and absolutely love it! You can completely rearrange the channel guide to any display order you want, and uncheck any channels you simply do not want to see. Unlimited DVR works great. Each household member can have their own independent profile, channel guide, and DVR. For only $40 per month its a great deal.

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