Factor 75 Prepared Meals

A few weeks ago I signed up for Factor 75 and I’m loving it!

What is Factor 75?

It’s a prepared meal delivery service. Each week you get to pick your meals for the following week.


Why Get Delivered Meals?

I get extremely lazy when it comes to cooking and I end up getting fast food or take-out for nearly every meal, especially during the summer. Not very healthy! After hiring a housekeeper a couple of years ago I’m a firm believer in paying for the things you don’t want to do. I’d rather spend my time and effort doing other things I enjoy.


Why Choose Factor 75?

When I compared a bunch of these services there were 3 things that made me try Factor 75 first.

  1. Tuesday delivery. Several of the other services delivered on Friday, which seems pretty dumb. Anytime you’re going away for a weekend you basically have to skip an entire shipment.
  2. Pricing and meal counts. Most of these services are about the same price, but Factor 75 was slightly cheaper. They also offer a bigger selection of the # of meals per week you select. I started out with 8/per week and have already increased to 12 for next week.
  3. Flexibility and control. On their website you get full control of your account. You get to select exactly which meals you want next week and you can plan out several weeks ahead. You can pause for a week (or more) if you’ll be away. You can change the number of meals every week.

A few years ago I was getting a monthly shipment from Pre-Made Paleo (which is True Fare now). Each part of every meal was individually frozen in bags and you’d get 4 or 5 of the same meal with each shipment. The meals weren’t very exciting and the lack of flexibility was a big negative of their service.

After eating Factor 75 for almost 3 weeks, every single meal has been great. Nothing is frozen. Think of them as fancy TV dinners made with fresh, healthy, and quality ingredients. When I’m hungry, I pop a meal in the microwave and it’s ready in 2-3 minutes.

If you want $20 off your first order, use my Factor 75 referral link.

Every meal has heating instructions for the microwave and oven. There is also full nutrition info.


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