New Blades

Rollerblade Astro 7I bought a new pair of rollerblades earlier in the week. After a very short decision period I decided to go with the Rollerblade Astro 7 because I like to go all-out when I’m blading for a workout. The Astro 7 model has a larger wheel size and better ball bearings, which make the wheels spin faster and allow me get more speed.

On Wednesday I took them out for a casual ride with my friend Casey and we ended up going about 5.3 miles. The rollerblades feel good and are a big improvement from my old pair which are about 8 years old. It was definitely time for a replacement. The feature I like most about the new pair is the tightening which is called the TFS MICRO closure system. It literally takes a couple of seconds to tighten up the boot fit. It’s not like the shoe lace type boot fit I’ve seen on a lot of other rollerblade models.

At $150 for a $210 pair of blades I couldn’t go wrong!

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