Homier Distributing Company BDM 5 Drill Press Restoration

My Dad gave me an old drill press that was sitting unused in his garage. Homier Distributing Company (HDC) made this BDM 5 model back in 1991. Over the years the machine accumulated a lot of rust, so I wanted to give it some new life.

It was a fun project and I really love how it turned out. It looks like a brand new tool.

I recorded a lot of video while working on this and tried to trim down to the important parts so I could explain the process I used.

If you have any questions or anything here helps you with a project of your own, leave a comment to let me know.


9 Replies to “Homier Distributing Company BDM 5 Drill Press Restoration”

  1. Dude this is awesome. My father finally relinquished the tools he got from my grandfathers shop . It was not taken care of. It is this exact drill press from. 1987. I’m just getting started tonight. Any specific advice? Did you find a good and reliable spare parts place? Thanks in advance.


    1. The process I used to clean up all of the rust, prime, and paint worked pretty well I think. I should have waited longer after painting (I was impatient) before putting it back together because it was a bit soft and I dinged up a few spots.

      The only parts I had to buy were a few set screws from Home Depot. Works great!


  2. I have one of these drillpreses made in 1986 and the motor humms but wont run unless you spin it i have looked everywhere for a capicitor can you tell me where it is located


  3. Hey I just picked up a 1988 HDC BDM-5 and it needs a few parts do you know of a good website for replacement parts or what new parts of different drills will work? Thanks in advance


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