On Note Taking

I’ve been using the iOS and Mac app Bear for about a year. I previously used Apple Notes and Simplenote. I use the app for work stuff, CrossFit workout plans, hobby projects, and many other notes. I digital notebook is convenient because my iPhone is always with me. The idea of a physical notebook has always interested me, but I haven’t been able to get into it. For example, I linked to bullet journaling earlier this year, which seems really cool. Something similar could be fun for creativity and inspiration. I think the biggest factor holding me back is I wouldn’t want to carry a notebook everywhere. Not that I leave home very often, but still.

Part of me really wants to sign up for a subscription to the Field Notes Quarterly Editions. I probably load up their site and add the subscription to my cart every couple of months. Then I remember the pile of notebooks I already don’t use.

So many potential notes to be written!

The group of 5 brown ones are actually Field Notes books. Not pictured is a larger Moleskin I keep in my workshop and have been using to sketch project plans. Once I start making a dent in this pile I can justify a subscription. Of course I could also make my own. I think the subscription interests me because I’ve become addicted to getting a surprise every month or quarter like with the AdaBox and HackerBox subscriptions. I also really love the design and simplicity of Field Notes.

There is one exception to my use of notebooks. I religiously use the Expedition series  to record my workouts. They’re perfect for the gym because the paper is water- and tear-proof; paper and sweat generally don’t mix well.

Full of numbers.

Writing this post reminded me I only have a few pages left in my last book so I placed an order for 2 new packs in case they stop making them. As a bonus, on the day I ordered, Field Notes were giving out a free 2-pack of Blue Wednesday with any order.

Now my stack of unused notebooks will be even larger.

If you have any journal or note taking habits, please share. I’d love to hear what works for you.

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