10 iPhone X Thoughts After 24 Hours

  1. ❤️❤️❤️ the size.
  2. Automatic setup was slick.
  3. Typing in my Apple ID password is still a terrible experience without access to 1Password.
  4. The screen is beautiful.
  5. Face ID just works. Don’t even notice it’s there. Better than v1 of Touch ID.
  6. The glass back and silver sides are slippery. The phone slides off my recliner arm rest. My new wallet case comes today and I may need to keep it on the phone at all times.
  7. Did I mention how much I ❤️ the new size? The iPhone Plus always felt awkward.
  8. The screen gap below the keyboard is weird. Hopefully this is some transition phase.
  9. Quality of the selfie cam is 💯.
  10. I’m already rarely reaching for the missing home button.
  11. Switching apps by swiping at the bottom of the screen is a nice UI improvement.
  12. Animojis are fun but there is usually some lag between the voice recording and animations.

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