2018 Home Screen – iPhone X

Here’s the latest in what is now a yearly screenshot of my home screen.

I’d previously posted in 2017, 2016, and 2010. I decided not to upgrade to the iPhone XS this year, so I have the same phone. The biggest changes are I’m back to a single page and I’ve filled the last space with the Tesla app.

Skip iPhone X S?

I’ve been getting the new iPhone every year since 3 or 4 I think, even the S models. I think I’m going to skip this year though. My iPhone X still runs great and I wasn’t too impressed with the updates for this round.

Are you upgrading from an X? If so, what got you excited?

Accidental iPhone X Modes

Something I’ve noticed more and more with the iPhone X is I accidentally trigger some modes a lot more than I ever did with previous models. Here are 14 screenshots and pictures (actually a lot more since five of these are burst modes) I took today while leaving the gym.

Two other things I trigger all the time are the Apple Pay prompt and Emergency calling. Thankfully I haven’t called an emergency contact yet. Maybe it’s because I enabled Raise to Wake for use with Face ID, which was never enabled before.

Does anyone else have these issues?

Home Screen – iPhone X

A year ago, I posted a screenshot of the home screen on my iPhone 7 Plus. Might as well make this a yearly thing. Not much has changed with my app usage though. Here’s the home screen on my iPhone X.

This may be the first time since iOS added app groups that I have a 2nd page.


These are some augmented reality apps I wanted to try. I’ll get around to filing them into a group soon because this second screen is bugging me.

Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

I loved the Q Card Case so much for my iPhone 7 Plus I looked to see if there was a version for the iPhone X available. Yep! It’s called the Q Card Case for iPhone X “Wallet Slayer Vol. 2” (CM4). I immediately ordered one in the Blue Jade to go with my Silver iPhone X.

This new version looks and feels nicer than the old one. With the 7 Plus I used to take the case off around the house, but because the iPhone X is so slippery, I’ve been leaving the case on this one. I really like it.

Here are some photos for comparison.


10 iPhone X Thoughts After 24 Hours

  1. ❤️❤️❤️ the size.
  2. Automatic setup was slick.
  3. Typing in my Apple ID password is still a terrible experience without access to 1Password.
  4. The screen is beautiful.
  5. Face ID just works. Don’t even notice it’s there. Better than v1 of Touch ID.
  6. The glass back and silver sides are slippery. The phone slides off my recliner arm rest. My new wallet case comes today and I may need to keep it on the phone at all times.
  7. Did I mention how much I ❤️ the new size? The iPhone Plus always felt awkward.
  8. The screen gap below the keyboard is weird. Hopefully this is some transition phase.
  9. Quality of the selfie cam is 💯.
  10. I’m already rarely reaching for the missing home button.
  11. Switching apps by swiping at the bottom of the screen is a nice UI improvement.
  12. Animojis are fun but there is usually some lag between the voice recording and animations.

10 Years of iPhone

Today is the iPhone’s 10th birthday!

I waited in line at the local AT&T store on launch day, but they only received 5 or 10 phones, so I had to place an order. I had been in the audience at MacWorld that January and got to witness Steve Jobs reveal the iPhone to the world.

I can still picture him repeating “a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device” as if it were yesterday. The device and watching Jobs on stage were magical in many ways. I got chills from watching the video again.