A Record Streak

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-9-17-37-pm This post makes 79 days in a row, breaking my old streak, which was set on April 13th, 2009. When I took notice of the posting streak and decided to keep going, I was worried I’d run out of things to publish within a couple of weeks. I haven’t had any issues though. These things have really helped:

  1. I quickly made the decision not to get caught up in the length of posts. Sharing a video or a simple link would be just fine some days.
  2. Whenever an idea strikes, I try to get an early title and some quick notes saved as a draft post in WordPress. I usually have at least 5 drafts in progress and had 10 at one point. Some of the drafts are waiting for a specific date or event while others just need to be completed.
  3. In Apple’s Reminders app, I have a repeating daily reminder. I don’t mark it as completed until I have published or scheduled the post for the day.
    The notification on my iPhone as well as my computers doesn’t let me forget.
  4. Speaking of scheduled posts, I usually have at least 1-2 posts set for the upcoming days. I tend to move them around when I want to publish something right away, but it helps to keep the process stress free.

I don’t follow my blog stats closely, but I’m curious if the increased activity has caused the decline in visits and visitors. I would expect the numbers to move in the other direction.


4 thoughts on “A Record Streak

  1. I think the software could better support this: there’s no editorial calendar in Calypso yet, and when I post something that needs to go up right away, I want it to bump my other scheduled posts back a day. 🙂 When I have a new non-urgent post, it can just go to the end of the queue.

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  2. Stuff like that would be great. I recently shared internally how much I love the little calendar when selecting a day for a scheduled post and how helpful it would be to see something larger as part of a flow or in the post list.

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