Daily Posts For 2 Years

Yesterday’s post finished year two of publishing every day on my blog. Seven hundred and thirty days! I never expected to last so long.

How about some updated stats? Totals for the streak are displayed first with the counts for year two in parentheses.

  • 860 Posts (387)
  • 107,100 Words (45,324)
  • 2,078 Links (679)
  • 1,139 Images (630)
  • 205 Videos (68)

Also check out last year’s post about the streak.

A Record Streak

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-9-17-37-pm This post makes 79 days in a row, breaking my old streak, which was set on April 13th, 2009. When I took notice of the posting streak and decided to keep going, I was worried I’d run out of things to publish within a couple of weeks. I haven’t had any issues though. These things have really helped:

  1. I quickly made the decision not to get caught up in the length of posts. Sharing a video or a simple link would be just fine some days.
  2. Whenever an idea strikes, I try to get an early title and some quick notes saved as a draft post in WordPress. I usually have at least 5 drafts in progress and had 10 at one point. Some of the drafts are waiting for a specific date or event while others just need to be completed.
  3. In Apple’s Reminders app, I have a repeating daily reminder. I don’t mark it as completed until I have published or scheduled the post for the day.
    The notification on my iPhone as well as my computers doesn’t let me forget.
  4. Speaking of scheduled posts, I usually have at least 1-2 posts set for the upcoming days. I tend to move them around when I want to publish something right away, but it helps to keep the process stress free.

I don’t follow my blog stats closely, but I’m curious if the increased activity has caused the decline in visits and visitors. I would expect the numbers to move in the other direction.



I’ve been on a nice publishing streak here. It all started with a food post in Iceland. After a few days in a row I decided to keep it going. When I hit 14 days I was curious how it compared historically so I wrote a little script. The code is on GitHub. Here’s the output before publishing this post.

Posts published: 6,909 since 2003-11-22

Longest streak: 78 (2009-01-26 – 2009-04-13)
Longest slump: 90 (2007-01-01 – 2007-03-30)

Currently on a 41 day streak, since 2016-11-10. Post today to keep it going!

This post did keep it going, so the streak is up to 42 days. Can I break my record? I think so.

This renewed focus on blogging has helped to fuel some new hobbies. It’s also a reminder of how blogging changed my life years ago. I started programming PHP after setting up WordPress to run this site. Eventually I was creating plugins and contributing back to WordPress, which of course led to me getting hired at Automattic. Maybe blogging can pay off for you too.

With the rise of social media, many of you have become content creators, but almost nobody owns their own content. If Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram disappear what happens to all of your words, pictures, and videos? Probably gone. If you use your own domain and push content to other services, you’re in control.

Here, I control my words. Nobody can shut this site down, run annoying ads on it, or sell it to a phone company. Nobody can tell me what I can or can’t say, and I have complete control over the way it’s displayed.

– Andy Baio

Maybe you don’t care. If you do and would like to give blogging a try, head over to get.blog. Can you match my posting streak?