When we purchased the .blog TLD (think .com), each Automattician was allowed to select their own for free. We had to promise to use it as the primary domain of a site and post at least once a month. Piece of cake.

I have the most years of any Nick at Automattic, so was able to get! Not sure if I’m prepared for the Internet fame. Due to a trademark I had to wait through a grace period after the .blog public launch. It didn’t get purchased so it’s finally mine and active as my new domain.

You can still type in and it’ll properly redirect, becoming part of a growing list of domains:


A Record Streak

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-9-17-37-pm This post makes 79 days in a row, breaking my old streak, which was set on April 13th, 2009. When I took notice of the posting streak and decided to keep going, I was worried I’d run out of things to publish within a couple of weeks. I haven’t had any issues though. These things have really helped:

  1. I quickly made the decision not to get caught up in the length of posts. Sharing a video or a simple link would be just fine some days.
  2. Whenever an idea strikes, I try to get an early title and some quick notes saved as a draft post in WordPress. I usually have at least 5 drafts in progress and had 10 at one point. Some of the drafts are waiting for a specific date or event while others just need to be completed.
  3. In Apple’s Reminders app, I have a repeating daily reminder. I don’t mark it as completed until I have published or scheduled the post for the day.
    The notification on my iPhone as well as my computers doesn’t let me forget.
  4. Speaking of scheduled posts, I usually have at least 1-2 posts set for the upcoming days. I tend to move them around when I want to publish something right away, but it helps to keep the process stress free.

I don’t follow my blog stats closely, but I’m curious if the increased activity has caused the decline in visits and visitors. I would expect the numbers to move in the other direction.



I’ve been on a nice publishing streak here. It all started with a food post in Iceland. After a few days in a row I decided to keep it going. When I hit 14 days I was curious how it compared historically so I wrote a little script. The code is on GitHub. Here’s the output before publishing this post.

Posts published: 6,909 since 2003-11-22

Longest streak: 78 (2009-01-26 – 2009-04-13)
Longest slump: 90 (2007-01-01 – 2007-03-30)

Currently on a 41 day streak, since 2016-11-10. Post today to keep it going!

This post did keep it going, so the streak is up to 42 days. Can I break my record? I think so.

This renewed focus on blogging has helped to fuel some new hobbies. It’s also a reminder of how blogging changed my life years ago. I started programming PHP after setting up WordPress to run this site. Eventually I was creating plugins and contributing back to WordPress, which of course led to me getting hired at Automattic. Maybe blogging can pay off for you too.

With the rise of social media, many of you have become content creators, but almost nobody owns their own content. If Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram disappear what happens to all of your words, pictures, and videos? Probably gone. If you use your own domain and push content to other services, you’re in control.

Here, I control my words. Nobody can shut this site down, run annoying ads on it, or sell it to a phone company. Nobody can tell me what I can or can’t say, and I have complete control over the way it’s displayed.

– Andy Baio

Maybe you don’t care. If you do and would like to give blogging a try, head over to Can you match my posting streak?

CrossFit & “The Blog”

I’ve pointed out similarities between the communities of CrossFit & WordPress before. Came across this video posted in 2011 of CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman, talking about blogging and their use of it on (known as “main site” in the community).

It seems like several times a year, we run into articles forecasting the death of blogging. Guess what… we keep seeing more and more activity. You can find all kinds of people and articles claiming “CrossFit is only a fad” or “the downfall is coming soon.” Guess what… the number of affiliate gyms around the world keeps increasing and the Open, now in year 6, has seen a 10x growth in participants.

A lot of CrossFit’s success can be attributed to the fact there has been a free workout posted on their blog every day since 2001. A lot of gyms and home gym athletes follow main site for workouts instead of doing their own programming.

If you’re running a business and you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with a lot of people and possibly create a community of your own. Not everyone uses Facebook, but everyone can visit your web site.

I Write When I Want To

We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to.

W. Somerset Maugham

Maugham obviously had never heard of blogs when he made the above quote.

I haven’t made a post here at MDV since August 2nd. I’ve had plenty to write about, but just haven’t felt like it. And guess what, I’m fine with that. It’s my blog. I write when I want to. I really do what to write more often, but we’ll just see how it goes. As the weather gets colder here in Michigan I should have more time to post.

Enjoying the Weather Among Other Things

I’ve been enjoying the weather for the past several weeks which means spending less and less time on the computer. That also means less time for blogging and less updates here as well as my other blogs. I’ve also cut back on my poker playing dramatically which takes away computer time as well. This is all a good thing.

Time has been spent golfing as much as possible and getting my bike out. Just the other day I rode 15 miles in an hour and felt great. I need to be ready to ride about 24 miles with hills in three weeks when I go up north for Mother’s Day. The plan is to ride around Hubbard Lake with Mo and kick his ass. He’s been talking a little bit too much shit and I don’t like to lose many challenges. Just ask him about our weight loss competition for last week!

I’m still using my elliptical 3-4 days a week in addition to bike rides and doing some ab workouts as well. I’m down about 15 pounds from two and a half months ago and feeling good.

Golf league started this week and I might be joining a summer bowling league with some friends that starts on May 2nd. I like to keep busy during the summers and get out as much as possible which is completely different from the cold Michigan winters.

My sleep problems are pretty much under control now. I’m on Lunesta which has been doing the trick. I tried Ambien CR and some other new drug that start with an R, but Lunesta worked the best by far. It’s amazing what a good night of sleep does for the body.

In a few days I should be able to reveal the secret I mentioned a few weeks ago. It’s been taking up a lot of my thinking and I can’t wait to get it over with and out in the open. Maybe then I’ll be able to resume a regular blogging schedule. What “regular” actually means for blogging I’m not quite sure anymore.


Where to start?

It’s been nearly a month since the last post here at MtDewVirus. That has to be a record since the blog started over two years ago. The lack of posts hasn’t been because of a lack of activity, because plenty has been going on in my life and the world around me. I simply needed some time away from blogging. I enjoyed it, but it’s time to get back in the swing of things.

I don’t want to go back write posts about everything that has been going on, so I’ll just give a quick summary…

I went to San Francisco for MacWorld and had a great time. I will be living out there sometime in the next year or so. I want to save up a bunch of money first so that I can survive if things go down the drain. I ate seafood for dinner each night I was out there and tried a different meal each time. Everything was excellent! Visiting a place like San Fran is a real wake-up call. The world has so much more to offer than what I can experience here in mid-Michigan.

The other big event was that I just moved back to the complex I lived in nearly two years ago. I was tired of living near the bad part of town. Several shootings less than a mile away and having someone break into my vehicle are not things I enjoy. The duplex I was living in had horrible insulation so my gas bill was extremely high for how small the place was. Where I’m at now I have a nice big 3 bedroom townhouse with a basement and it costs just about the same amount. I don’t have to mow the lawn or worry about shoveling snow. I have a dishwasher and air conditioning for the hot humid summers. I’m really not sure why I ever moved away, but I’m glad to be back in the main part of town.

That’s all for now, but more to come…

A Sporting Thanksgiving

As posted previously, I attended a few professional sports events over the Thanksgiving holiday. Last Wednesday (Nov. 23) my parents left Rogers City bright and early. I’m not sure why they came down so early, but I wasn’t too happy that they interrupted my Xbox 360 time since I had just hooked it up the night before. Luckily they went off to do a little shopping and I had a little more time by myself. We met up with my brother and ate lunch at the mall.

Warning! This post might be a novel since it’s been weeks since my last “real” update.

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