4 Hour Body: Week 2

I’ve completed my second week of 4 Hour Body. Read 4 Hour Body: Before I Begin and Week 1 to see where this journey began. I started the week at 189.7 lbs and 18.7% body fat.

Day 8 – Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looks like I put on almost 2 pounds on cheat day. Weight was up to 191.5 this morning. Bad start to the week by eating french toast and sausage links for breakfast. It was the last meal with our Theme Team in Tucson though. For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad. Played 18 holes of golf where I walked 5.67 miles. For dinner I ate a chicken bowl from Chipotle with guacamole and veggies instead of rice. Glass of red wine before bed.


Day 9 – Monday, January 24, 2011

Ate the usual eggs with salsa, pinto beans, and spinach for breakfast. I’m going to stop taking pictures of this meal because it’s the same thing. Look back at week 1 if you want a photo. Kettlebell swings were easier than last week, so I did a set of 40 and a set of 35. Performed myotatic crunches and cat vomits (10 of each). Had an hour practice session at GolfTEC working on my swing changes and picked up a Chopotle bowl (same as yesterday except steak) for lunch. For dinner I cooked up some chicken breast in olive oil with minced garlic. After it was cooked through, I added pinto beans and salsa to the  pan and let it cook a few more minutes. Added a side of broccoli. Had a glass of red wine at night.


Day 10 – Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My weight is back down to 190.0 with 2 full days since cheat day. I had my usual breakfast but with white beans. Ate leftover broccoli and chicken with beans and salsa from last night’s dinner. Had a 30 minute golf lesson and then 30 minute practice session. Ran 2 miles with intervals. Made Turkey Tacos for dinner. Finished off the rest of a bottle of red wine at night.


Day 11 – Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Same breakfast as yesterday. Did two sets of 50 lb kettlebell swings (40x and 35x), myotatic crunches, and cat vomits. Had yesterday’s turkey tacos for lunch. Hiked Camelback Mountain which is over a 1200 foot climb and a round trip of about 2.3 miles. For dinner I made baked salmon and had sauerkraut and broccoli with it. Glass of wine after dinner.


Day 12 – Thursday, January 27, 2011

My body is a little sore from yesterday’s hike and I suspect it’ll be a lot sore tomorrow. Jumped on the scale this morning and was at 188.1 lbs and 18.3% body fat. For breakfast I had the usual, eggs and salsa, white beans, and spinach. It’s easier to eat the white beans plain than black or pinto. For lunch I ate the other salmon fillet I baked last night with white beans and broccoli on the side. Had an hour practice session at GolfTEC. For dinner I ate some of the turkey and bean taco mixture with asparagus spears. Drank a couple of glasses of red wine at night.


Day 13 – Friday, January 28, 2011

For breakfast I ate the same thing as last night’s dinner. Won’t be eating at home through the weekend so needed to clean out the fridge. Did 75 with the 50 lb kettlebell (sets of 45 and 30) and 30 minutes on a stationary bike. For lunch I had a chicken salad and a few tortilla chips with salsa. It was tough to stick to the diet at dinner with Automatticians in town for WordCamp Phoenix, but I did it. Ate a big salad that had egg, turkey, ham, and salami on it.


Day 14 – Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheat day! Took measurements and jumped on the scale in the morning to measure weekly progress. Had a dark chocolate cappuccino, hash browns, bacon, and huge pancakes for breakfast. For lunch we had a Mexican meal of rice, re-fried beans, and tamales. Ate a churro for a snack mid afternoon. For dinner I had a three meat 9 inch pizza and a couple of beers, but didn’t eat any of the outside crust.



Tracking Progress

During the 2nd week I dropped 1.8 pounds, 0.8% in body fat, and 1.25 total inches. Measuring inches is pretty inconsistent because you can move the tape measure just a bit and the measurements are completely different. I may just stop measuring each week, or at least my arms and my thighs. Here are my overall changes after 2 weeks:

  • Weight:  187.9lbs (-6 lbs)
  • Body fat: 17.9% (-1.5%)
  • Total inches: 141.5″ (-3.25″)

Check out how week 3 went.

24 thoughts on “4 Hour Body: Week 2

  1. Good job on the cheat day. A lot of people I know who tried it go wayyy over the top and wonder why it’s not working so fast and why they’re so hungry for the next two days. Small cheat day does it for me too.


  2. Hi, I’ve been reading through your blog adn seeing your progress with this routine. I’ve been thinking about starting the 4-Hour Body diet, but I have some questions.

    Does this diet tell you to monitor any amount of calories you take in? I don’t really see how it helps you lose weight without intense exercise if you aren’t watching how much of what you’re eating is all. I’d appreciate the feedback Nick!


      • That just seems bizarre to me, but I guess I’ll just have to get the book and try it. Your blog is helpful though, I’ve already started doing some of the meals based on your entries.
        Another thing that’s helpful… every time I hear about the rapid weight loss this diet brings it’s always with people who are extremely overweight and will lose very fast. It was nice to see a blog from you who really just had a little extra to lose like I do.
        Does the book say how much exercise you should do every week with this diet?


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