12 Days of Christmas

I was done working at noon today (the President of SVSU gave us a half day off) and now have 12 days of free vacation time. It’s one of the perks of working for a University.

I plan to spend my vacation:

  • Relaxing
  • Playing poker with family and friends
  • Going to the bar a few times
  • Relaxing some more
  • Working on my website
  • Sleeping in everyday
  • Watching college football and basketball
  • And relaxing

The drive home today wasn’t bad at all. It rained about halfway and the roads were clear the whole way. There was barely any traffic too, which was suprising. I’ll post some pictures from the drive to the photoblog later when I hook up my computer.

Holiday Spirit

This year is like no other for me in terms of the holiday season. Usually I’m more concerned about me and what I’ll be getting for gifts instead of concentrating on everyone else. This year has been just the opposite. One thing you may have noticed is the title of this post. I didn’t call it Christmas Spirit because I’m more aware that some people don’t celebrate Christmas because of their religions, so instead they get to enjoy some time off work for the holidays.

I didn’t even really realize it until today, but my birthday is only a few days away! That should tell you something right there. I’ll be turning 24 so maybe this is all because I’m getting old…but I don’t think that is it. I bought presents for a lot of people this year, not just for my family. And the people I normally get presents for…they are going to enjoy what they get this year, I’m making sure of it. I can’t post what I bought yet since these people obviously haven’t received their gifts yet. Don’t want to give it away. 😉

Well, I guess I can name a few things. I got Mohamad a chrome Superman license plate cover. Hater and Casey each got 2 DVDs. For Hater I bought 2 SNL “Best Of” movies and for Casey I bought the movie Goonies and a Michael Jackson video compilation.

I haven’t been thinking at all about what I might be unwrapping on Christmas Eve. Instead, I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of my family when they open what I got them! I’m pretty excited. 🙂

I’ll be heading up north to RC tomorrow so I have a ton of stuff to get done tonight. I’ve already been pretty productive since leaving work. So far I’ve:

  • Bought a few more presents.
  • Picked up packages from the leasing office.
  • Wrapped presents.
  • Paid my bills.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Uploaded new photos to the photoblog.
  • Packed up the laptop and poker chips.
  • Added acronym tags to my entire website.
  • Filled out a rebate form.
  • Thought about how much I have yet to do!

I still have a lot to get done tonight so I better move onto the next task, which will be making dinner, cuz I’m starving!

Let The Shopping Begin

I finally started my Christmas shopping today. I’ve been dreading going to the stores, but it wasn’t all that bad today. After work I changed and then went to swipe the credit card a few times. I picked up gifts for my mom, sister, and friends. I never really waited in line anywhere and didn’t run into any crazy shoppers attempting to run me over.

This is the first year in history that I’m not all concerned about what I’m getting for Christmas. I guess getting older (24 on the 26th) is part of it, but I’m also paying more attention to the gifts I get for people. So you could say that the “giving” part is playing a bigger role for me. I also have not snooped this year and won’t get to since I won’t be back at my parents until the night of the 23rd of the day of the 24th. Heather (my sister) accused me of snooping through her room, but I swear on all my cool gadgets that I haven’t.

This is a little off topic, but….Today at work I wore black dress pants and realized that for some odd reason I feel a lot more “dressy” in black pants than when I wear khaki, brown, navy, etc. I could be wearing a nice button up shirt with another pair of pants and not feel nearly as dressy as today when I wore a red shirt with a black stripe across the chest. And this shirt is about as close to being a sweatshirt as you can get without being considered one. Mohamad even said, “look at this guy all dressed up,” so I must not be the only one with the feeling about black pants.

Also at work today I was giving another free t-shirt by someone at SVSU. The Dean for the College of Business and Management gave me the first t-shirt from a batch they just had made for all of their faculty and staff. It feels good when people appreciate the work you do for them. My “free t-shirt count” now stands at 3 (not including the ones that Gateway gives us periodically)!

Days Of December

The last month of the year is full of events for me. Here in Michigan, we usually get snow staying on the ground at some point during the month and winter officially begins on the 22nd. Have I ever mentioned that I hate winter? 65-70 degrees outside is the ideal temperature for me. Here in Michigan we are rarely above 30 or 40 during the winter months.

Since I work at a University, December also brings the end of the semester and a little bit of a lag in work as all the students leave campus for the holidays. We also get a nice little paid vacation as the school completely closes down about a week and a half. This year we are closed starting on the 24th and open again on the 5th. So that gives me 8 weekdays off and 2 full weekends to enjoy my freedom…and still get paid for it! 🙂

Does anyone know what my 2 favorite days in December are? The 24th and the 26th. Christmas Eve is a favorite in my book because that is the day my family opens all of our gifts. I LOVE GETTING PRESENTS!! I’ve been known as a little big snooper for my presents over the holidays. I don’t know where these rumors came from though…it’s not my fault if people don’t wrap the gifts right away or hide them in a good place. It’s almost like they are asking for me to find them. The 26th is of course my birthday. I’m going to be a whopping 24 this year–it’s hard to keep track of how old I am these days. And before you even ask…YES, I do get screwed on presents because people like to combine the two days. “Nick, here is your Christmas AND Birthday present.” I hear it all the time. Parents…do not try to conceive a child from mid March up through early April. Your child will be screwed for life! Ok…maybe not, but they will be dissappointed in their present count during Christmas and their birthday.

I generally like to go shopping, but December is an exception. The stores are completely out of hand and people seriously go nuts over Christmas. If people would just learn to settle down and not panic, it would be better for everyone. I’ve heard of punches being through, people being pushed, and F-bombs flying through the are because someone grabbed the last “must have” toy off the shelf. Some of these people should be forced to sit home on their computer and do all of their shopping on eBay. Not only are the stores crazy, but the shopping traffic is worse. Especially here in Saginaw where every store and restaurant that you would want to visit is across the street from the mall. I refuse to go out during the day on weekends (unless I really need to).

Who really waits until Christmas Eve to do their shopping? I can’t believe there are actually people that do this. As if the month isn’t stressful enough with traveling to visit friends/relatives, buying gifts for everyone, and worrying about the weather. Seriously…why would anyone wait until the last minutes to buy a gift for the most anticipated gift giving day of the year? I just don’t understand. If someone out there does this, please leave a comment and explain why.

This is the first year (since I’ve been old enough to ask for things) that I haven’t made a list. I guess I’m getting older.

Decmeber also brings New Year’s Eve and one of the greatest party nights of the year. Everyone gets trashed and has a blast. It is always a night to look forward to.

I hope everyone has a great month!