2018 Holiday Watches

Each year I tend to watch a lot during the holiday break. This year it started a year and one day after sharing the Ocean’s 8 trailer. I was browsing iTunes movies and rented it as soon as I saw it. Exactly what you’d expect from the Ocean’s movies. Cool that there was some character carryover between the movies too.

On Christmas day I watched a few movies on Hallmark Channel with Mom. All very predictable and heartwarming. They were Christmas Made to OrderIt’s Christmas, Eve, and Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa.

When I’m sick, I usually tune in to some type of marathon, because I can fall asleep and not care about missing anything. The Incredible Dr. Pol is a fascinating show about a veterinarian right here in central Michigan. I’ve seen so many calves delivered I’m pretty sure I could do it myself.

I watched CrossFit – Killing the Fat Man – Season 2. Shows the power of the program, especially combined with solid nutrition. Inspired me to try an experiment of my own.

One night I was browsing movies on Netflix and Wind River caught my eye. I liked it and thought it was one of the best Jeremy Renner performances I’ve seen.

Tiger Woods: Return of the Roar on ESPN got me pumped for the upcoming golf season and reminded me how lucky we are to experience this comeback. 2019 could be something very special.

To close out my vacation I watched Mission: Impossible – Fallout last night. I almost went to see it when it was in theaters so it’s been on my watch list for a while. It was enjoyable.

I also watched countless videos on YouTube, but that’s the norm.

You know what I didn’t watch? A single play of college football. It was great.

Busy Holiday Schedule

My schedule for the holidays this year is busier than usual.

  • Friday – Party in Mount Pleasant with friends.
  • Saturday – White elephant Christmas party at my sister’s house.
  • Sunday – Christmas party with my Dad’s family.
  • Monday – Christmas Eve at my parent’s house. Crab legs for dinner and gift exchange later.
  • Tuesday – Christmas with my Mom’s family.
  • Wednesday – My 28th birthday.
  • Thursday – RECOVERY!

How does your schedule look?

Christmas Tradition

Every year, the Christmas holiday is celebrated around the world. Each family has their own special Christmas traditions. My family has crab legs for dinner on Christmas Eve, we go to Church, and then come home to exchange gifts. One gift I get every year from my Mom is a container of chocolate covered almonds. I’m just waiting for her to forget one year. How do you celebrate the holiday?

I Don't Feel Any Older

Officially I’m 24 now, but it doesn’t feel any different. To me it’s just another day. The only big difference is that mom makes me a cake and I get a few presents. No real big plans for the day except to probably go out to eat with the family. During the day I’ll most likely hang out with a few friends and then at night we’ll have a “few” drinks I suppose!

I’m glad Christmas is over, but I have to say that the past two days were the most enjoyable Christmas holiday I’ve had in recent memory. Today I crawled out of bed around 10:00, played a few games of March Madness on XBOX, and then took a shower. Dad was just getting done snowblowing the driveway, so we started to mess around with his new GPS for awhile. The device needs to initialize the first time it is used and I think it was having a hard time because of the weather. We’ll have to figure it out when it is a clearer day.

Mom’s family started showing up at our house around 2:00 and almost immediately we started playing poker. I took second place in the first mini tournament, but decided to sit out the second one so that I could snack on all the goodies. Nothing exciting happened and everyone was gone by about 5:30. I had started to play March Madness again and kept playing as everyone left. Eventually I sat down in the living room with Mom and Dad, who were watching World Idol. Both Dad and I were starving, so he made us some eggs and bacon.

After the show was over I went back to playing March Madness. Yes…AGAIN! When Isaac got home from his girlfriend’s, we played head-to-head 3 or 4 games. I won every one and even came back from a 20+ point deficit in one of the games for the win. It’s a pretty sweet game.

In a nutshell, that was how I spent Christmas.

Christmas Tradition

Every year on Christmas Eve we have a tradition that we follow. Around 5:00 we start off with crab legs for supper. After everything is cleaned up, we open our stockings. For the past few years dad has been in charge of the stocking stuffers and we have a little joke with it. He goes to the dollar store and picks up cheap little things and usually a few lotto tickets. A few examples of things people have gotten in recent years are:

  • Small flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Packs of gum
  • Car air fresheners
  • Socks

We always have fun laughing about what everyone gets, even though some of the things are pretty useful.

We then go to church for 8:00 mass. After church, we take a drive around town and look at some lights and luminaries. What are luminaries? Let me explain…on Christmas Eve a lot of people light candles inside of old milk jugs (or other types of containers) and line them up on the street in front of their house. Every year they look the same, but for some reason we always have to drive by.

Once we get home from church, everyone changes into something comfortable and we usually make a few drinks. Then it’s time to exhange gifts, which takes us about an hour and a half. By the time we get done with presents, dad will be falling asleep and Isaac and I will either be ready to play a new video game or watch a movie.

On Christmas day we always get together with the Tatros (Mom’s family) to eat, play cards, and enjoy the holiday. This year everyone is coming over to our house, so we have to be the entertainers. I suppose we’ll play some Texas Hold’em, since everyone has fallen in love with the game.

The day after Christmas (26th) is of course MY BIRTHDAY, but we’ve never really done anything special for it. It’s really not a big deal to me. I guess this year on the 27th we are heading over to Alpena to get together with Dad’s family and are having a poker tournament over there. It’ll be interesting to see how they run it, since all of the tournaments I’ve been in so far were run by me.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas with their families!