I Don't Feel Any Older

Officially I’m 24 now, but it doesn’t feel any different. To me it’s just another day. The only big difference is that mom makes me a cake and I get a few presents. No real big plans for the day except to probably go out to eat with the family. During the day I’ll most likely hang out with a few friends and then at night we’ll have a “few” drinks I suppose!

I’m glad Christmas is over, but I have to say that the past two days were the most enjoyable Christmas holiday I’ve had in recent memory. Today I crawled out of bed around 10:00, played a few games of March Madness on XBOX, and then took a shower. Dad was just getting done snowblowing the driveway, so we started to mess around with his new GPS for awhile. The device needs to initialize the first time it is used and I think it was having a hard time because of the weather. We’ll have to figure it out when it is a clearer day.

Mom’s family started showing up at our house around 2:00 and almost immediately we started playing poker. I took second place in the first mini tournament, but decided to sit out the second one so that I could snack on all the goodies. Nothing exciting happened and everyone was gone by about 5:30. I had started to play March Madness again and kept playing as everyone left. Eventually I sat down in the living room with Mom and Dad, who were watching World Idol. Both Dad and I were starving, so he made us some eggs and bacon.

After the show was over I went back to playing March Madness. Yes…AGAIN! When Isaac got home from his girlfriend’s, we played head-to-head 3 or 4 games. I won every one and even came back from a 20+ point deficit in one of the games for the win. It’s a pretty sweet game.

In a nutshell, that was how I spent Christmas.

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