Back To Normal

Life should be back to normal now. I took another nap not too long ago and probably could have slept til morning. Just mentally drained I guess. Dad is taking tomorrow off work and I’m glad. He rarely ever takes time off and usually works 50-60 hours a week. This is definitely a time when he can use the day off.

The drive back today wasn’t too bad. For about 30 miles, the roads were damn near glare ice, but after that it was clear sailing. The sun was out almost the whole way home. Combine that with the reflection off the snow and the windows were like magnifying glasses, roasting us inside. I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to get out of a car so bad as I did today.

SVSU has posted a programming position to internal applicants, so I’ve been polishing up my resume. Wish me luck!

Complete Exhaustion

Being at a visitation and a funeral may make for the most exhausting two days a person can handle. I spent about 4-5 hours at the funeral home yesterday and then we were leaving the house at 8 this morning to head out to the church for the funeral. After the brunch, we were finally on the way home at about 1 o’clock. Talking to all those people and watching so many people crying takes a lot out of anyone. Heather, Mom, Dad, and I all took naps this afternoon. I actually woke up not too long ago after sleeping for 2 and a half hours! We’re all glad it’s over.

I missed another chance to see my first Red Wings game last night, but what can you do. These things aren’t planned. Luckily we were able to sell our tickets to my boss Dave. They saw a great game, which ended 3-3 after overtime. On TV, they said it was the best game of the year to watch. Missed out on going to see the Detroit Auto Show today too, so the weekend was really flipflopped!

A big storm is passing through Michigan today and tomorrow, which should make for a fun drive back to Saginaw. #2 Duke handled #3 Wake Forest pretty easily today, so maybe they’ll get some more first place votes or take over the #1 spot from UConn. Probably not, but I can wish.

Update: North Carolina beat UConn today, so the Blue Devils will definitely be #1 in the polls! 😀

Placed In Sit 'N Go

I just placed 3rd in a no-limit sit ‘n go tournament on UB. It cost $5.50 to enter the tournament and I received $10 for placing, so I came out ahead. I played flawless poker pretty much the whole time. The only reason I bowed out was because I was slow-played 2 hands at the end. The player didn’t bet or raise with ladies in the hole and then didn’t bet or raise with tree 7s a few hands later. I’m improving and that is what counts.

Flopping Quads

I flopped 4 of a kind just now for the first time ever. I had a pair of sixes in my hand and the flop came 6-6-2! One player kept calling me down to the river, so it was a nice payoff. Two hands later I had a pair of fours and folded preflop because of the raising. Flop came down 5-5-4, so I woulda flopped a full house!

Update: I kept playing well after that. I played for about an hour tonight and ended up ahead by over $11, playing .25/.50 limit hold’em. That’s over 20 big bets per hour.

New Site Slogan

I’ve decided to go with “Extremely Contagious” as the slogan. Thanks to the 2 or 3 of you who posted suggestions!

Papa Gets His Wish

My Grandpa Momrik passed away this morning at around 6 a.m. I got the call from Mom when I was getting ready for work and then Dad called on the way to work. My Dad seems to be taking it pretty hard.

Ever since Nanny passed unexpectantly a few years ago, Papa has been going downhill. Nanny was everything to him and he just didn’t want to be here without her. I think it was about a year ago that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to be put into a home for full-time care. It was pretty bad too, he couldn’t even remember talking to you 5 minutes ago. It was sad to see and we all knew that he wanted to be out of our world and with his wife again.

Earlier in the week Dad had told me that Papa hadn’t eaten in a few days and couldn’t move anymore. He thought the end was coming. Last night Dad called the priest for Last Rights and prepared for it. He ended up spending the night with Papa so that he wouldn’t have to die alone.

My last memory will always be from a few weeks ago when we had a Momrik Christmas gathering over in Alpena. Papa was yelling at me to stop eating all the shrimp! He was a good man, who always had his hands on something. His flower beds and lawn always looked amazing and he could make the neatest little creations out of wood.

Papa will be missed, but now he will be reunited with Nanny again. We love ya Gramps!

Instant Messengers

Instant messenger (IM) programs have had a large impact on communication. It is a form of instant communication like talking on the phone or in-person. We can send a message and get an immediate response from someone else. We can hold conversations (or chats) with several people at once, which we cannot do on the phone or in-person.

The most popular IMs are AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ. I have accounts on all four (I’ve never used my ICQ account), but prefer them in the order I’ve listed. I also have the most contacts/buddies/friends on each IM in that order.

Back in the day, to have a conversation with someone that was online you either had to respond back and forth through email or join a chatroom. Both are a pain in the ass. IMs have improved this immensely and have added a lot of extra features. The greatest advantage IMO is the ability to see when other people are logged into the service and if they are “away” or not. Away messages could be a whole new topic in itself. AIM has the most customizable away messages in my experience.

I can remember being back in college and instead of walking into the next room or yelling to a roommate, we’d chat on IM. We didn’t have to go find the phone and call downstairs to find someone who wanted to go grab some food. We could just switch over from the paper we were writing to IM and hit up multiple people at once. It was a whole new definition of laziness. Because of IM, the “freshmen 15” has turned into the “freshmen 20.”

IM is so convenient and easy that I can’t think of something that could take it’s place. I’m sure that someday something will (maybe some new form of video chat), but it will have to be easy to use, full of features, and just amazing. IM is here to stay for awhile. Send me a message…what are you waiting for!

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Widescreen Edition)Since I had the afternoon off I figured I’d watch a movie.

This movie was pretty good. The story was set back in the 1800s and is based on a comic book. It’s an action movie with a few twists and turns to keep you guessing where things are going.

The movie had some pretty good action and fight sequences. Nothing absolutely stunning, but better than your average movie. There were some special effects, but again, nothing absolutey awesome. Most of the clothing and surroundings were darker colors because of the Victorian time setting.

Sean Connery is still a great actor. Who wouldn’t want to have his voice? He was the only real big star in the movie although I recognized a few of the others. Would I watch this movie again or buy it? No, but I’m glad I watched it.

Overall, I’d give this movie a B-.

University Closing

Just got word a little while ago that SVSU is closing at noon because of all the snow on the way. Looks like I get to go home early and play! 🙂