Pitch Black

Pitch Black (Unrated Version)Vin Diesel is a bad ass! This is one of his best movies if you ask me. He plays the part of Riddick, a criminal who has eyes that have been glazed, making it difficult for him to see in the light, but easy in the dark.

A group of space travelers crash onto an unknown planet. Soon after they gather themselves, the find out that the planet has 3 suns. Talk about hot! They also find out there is soon to be a total eclipse when surprise visitors will come out to play.

I thought the plot of the movie was pretty good and believable for the most part. Character development was OK, but they had to leave something for next movie, The Chronicles of Riddick. What really caught my eye was the lighting in this movie. Awesome! With each sun being a different color they had to match up shadows, reflections, and the look of people’s faces. When the eclipse hit, lighting had to be shifted to correspond to the effects of torches, glow tubes, and flares. All of course, were different colors. I was impressed.

I watched Pitch Black a few years ago so it should say something that I’ve watched it again. I give it a B.

5 Replies to “Pitch Black”

  1. Believe it or not, the first couple of times I watched this movie I fell to sleep. The story is somewhat slow in the beginning… but a couple of weeks ago, I watched it when I was not tired and yes the movie is bad ass.


  2. Speaking of movies…I just got back from Spiderman 2…not too bad for an action hero movie…4 out of 5 stars. Batman is still my favorite superhero!


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