Tour de France

Every year I look forward to following the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. It’s amazing to watch the strategy and teamwork that goes into a 3 week bike race. I think it may be the most difficult event to complete in sports. 20 grueling stages up and down mountains, through wind and rain, ditching fans standing in the road. After getting into riding myself, I think I’ll appreciate what these men do even more.

On July 3rd, Lance Armstrong will attempt to become the first man to ever win the Tour de France 6 times in a row. A truly unbelievable achievement after beating cancer. The man feels no pain, attacking his opponents whenever he senses weakness. He excels in the mountains where most fall off the lead.

Team USPS has a tough road ahead, but as they’ve proven year after year, they are more than up for the challenge. Lance’s teammates will sacrifice their bodies to protect him from crashing riders and blasting winds. They’ll take turns leading so that he can draft behind them. Their glory comes in Lance’s victories, knowing they had a hand in the outcome.

On July 25th will it be Armstrong on the podium with the yellow jersey once again? I can’t wait to find out!

3 Replies to “Tour de France”

  1. I will be watching with bells on from beginning to end. Bring on the Prologue Saturday!!! I hope either Armstrong or David Millar wins the Prologue on Saturday then we have to basically wait for the time trials and the mountains!


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