Dan Brown Writing Style

Does anyone know of any authors that write books similar to Dan Brown’s style?

  • Short chapters
  • Bits of history blended into the plot
  • Story takes place in a short amount of time
  • Good character development
  • Code breaking
  • Suspense

I need something new to read…

Gmail Invites

After logging into my Gmail account today I noticed a link to Invite Friends. Turned out that I had been given 3 invitations. They went to Deacon Blue, Mo, and another co-worker, Doug. Unfortunately I don’t have any left (so don’t ask), but if I get more invitations I’ll likely have some type of contest to give them away.

I’ve also decided that it’s time I start using my own account. Bill was nice enough to give me an invite, so I better put it to good use. I’ll be forwarding all of my MtDewVirus email over and changing where my scripts send to.

If you want to send me something, my address is @gmail.com.

Hint: Just look at my domain name or site title for the part before @!

Do You Believe Now?

Detroit leads the series 2-1 and it should really be 3-0. They’ve completed dominated the Lakers. I don’t even need to say anymore than that, because if you’ve watched the games, you know what I’m talking about.

12 Putts

Everything was dropping in the cup tonight. 6 one-putts and 3 two-putts. 7 bogeys and 2 pars. Overall, it turned out to be a good round with a 42. I only hit one GIR so I really needed the putting to save my score. The green that I did hit was a par 3, but 40-50 feet from the hole. The putt slid by on the left side by no more than an inch and rolled 3 inches past the hole for a gimme par. 10-12 footers were falling like rain drops all night. I love my Odyssey 2-Ball!

What's Your IQ?

I always enjoy taking IQ tests. Below are my results…

Your IQ score is 131

Your Intellectual Type is Precision Processor. This means you’re exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve math or logic. You’re also resourceful and able to think on your feet.

Take the Test

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Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress : A ThrillerAnother great one by Dan Brown, but ranks 3rd of the three I’ve read so far. This one is a thriller based around the Cryptology department of the NSA. One of the agency’s former employees has created an unbreakable encryption algorithm and threatens to release it to the world if the NSA does not let the country know about their super code breaking computer. As you might guess, things take a turn for the worse.

The character development is very well done, just like Brown’s other books, but it wasn’t as interesting. Some of the computer stuff was obviously interesting to me, but the plot didn’t feel right at times. He spent way too much time going back to the relationship between two of the main characters in the book. Most of it could have been left out.

After reading this 3rd book by Brown I’ve realized a few things:

  • They all take place in a 24-48 hour period.
  • Short chapters are the way to tell a good story.
  • Brown uses 3-4 different parts of the story all at once, but in seperate chapters. This keeps you reading. For instance, you are reading about part 1 and when you finish the chapter, you have to read a few more chapters before getting back to part 1. while you are reading these other chapters, the same thing happens. You never want to put the book down!
  • I love reading about code breaking in his books.

I give Digital Fortress a B+.


First day out in the woods with the bike and I get a flat tired halfway through the trail..what luck ❗ ❗ it was about a 2 mile hike back to the car, so I tried to run most of it, but it’s not all that easy while trying to steer a bike on your side. It didn’t help that it was over 90 degrees outside either. Not only that, but I had to mow the lawn when I got home, so I spent more time out in the heat. I have a pounding headache now…probably a little heat stroke.

UB Fish

I’m trying to play poker more often on UB again, especially after someone used my username during signup and I got $100 in bonus money. There had been a stretch where I hadn’t played for a few weeks and it just didn’t feel right. Over the past few days I’ve gone back to playing the .25/.50 6-seated tables. I seem to do a lot better (as far as winning $) at the 6, rather than the 10-seat tables and have come to a conclusion. It’s because I can make more “moves” at these tables and don’t have to worry about 3 fish calling me to the river with garbage hands, catching their miracle card on the river. As far as online poker goes, it’s also a much better game. The 10-seat tables attract most of the fish if you ask me and it’s hard to play against too many at once.

After winning $5 in about 30-40 minutes last night, I decided to throw around some play chips playing heads-up. I jumped onto the highest no-limit table offered and waited for someone to sit across from me. I proceeded to bankrupt the poor bastard in 4 minutes…took over 225,000 chips from him. I waited for another opponent and ended up taking him for more. Took about 280,000 in 5 minutes! My play chip bankroll now stands at over 1.25 million! :mrgreen: I’ve been playing on UB for over 8 months now and have only rebought play chips once the entire time…the very first day I played. My game has come a long way since that day, but as everything, it’s a work in progress.