A few months ago I found a site that had copied some of my content word for word. Well, yesterday, I found a few auctions on Ebay where a guy was using several of images from Poker Chip Tricks in order to sell what looked like a list of links to poker sites around the Internet. I turned him in to Ebay and also sent him a message. He wrote me back…

Cool your jets. You sue me and you will lose money. I don’t think I make as much a year as it would cost to even just call your lawyer.

Cool my jets? This guy clearly doesn’t understand copyright laws. At work yesterday we had our yearly division meeting and the guest speaker was an attorney. She talked to us about copyright, patent, and trademark laws. Pretty fitting for my situation. I found out that copyright violations are subject to $150,000 + lawyer fees per incident.

2 Replies to “Copy….Right?”

  1. I say sue the poor bastard. Then he’ll learn not to be rude to people when all they’re asking is to not steal copyrighted material.

    Hell, even if you dont want to sue him, at least scare the crap out of him. See if you can get in contact with the guest speaker and have her send a cease and decist order to this guy. Perhaps then he’ll learn to cool his jets.. and hopefully be nicer when all you asked to obey some copyrighted material.


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