Pass, Fail

I was cramming all night. Finally decided to get a little sleep at 6:30 AM and woke up again at 8 to study some more and get ready for the tests. 1.5 hours of sleep…not bad! I managed to get through all 193 pages of Microsoft ASP.NET Setup and Configuration Pocket Reference. A great little book for the price. The next step was to tackle the 1527 page monster, Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (Core Reference), which is another great book. I made it through all but 2 chapters.

Exam 70-305 was the first test of the day and the one I feared the most because I failed to pass it almost 3 months ago. Not this time though. I needed a 700 to pass and achieved a 775. It seemed a lot easier this time around. Exam 70-306 came next and I didn’t know what to expect. Again I needed a 700, but barely missed it with a 675, which must be only one or two questions! While studying, I had focused on 70-305 because I didn’t want to fail again, so I missed a few things that were on 70-306. I plan to retake it in the next week or two though and pass with flying colors.

Once I pass it, I’ll only need to pass Exam 70-310 and then I’ll be a MCAD. After that I could take two more tests (70-300 & 70-229) to become a MCSD. According to recent reports, salaries are on the rise for Microsoft Certified Professionals. Sounds like a plan to me.


It’s 4:15 AM, do you know where your children are? I’m on page 785 of a 1527 page book with less than 6 hours until my first test. There is a bunch of Domino’s pizza in the fridge from dinner…it feels like college all over again!

Ever Kiss A Bee?

I did today, tongue and everything! I was riding the bike and a big bug flew in my mouth. It took a couple of seconds to get where I could spit it out. You want to talk about gross! Shortly after, I realized the stinging sensation on my tongue. The bee wasn’t in there long, but it made good use of it’s time.

Every where I look online it says to seek immediate medical attention, call your doctor, etc. It’s already been a good two hours since it happened, so I think I’ll be fine. If you don’t see any more posts or activity on the site, you’ll know what happened. 😥

The announcement you’ve all been waiting for…I’ve purchased! Over the next few weeks I’ll be designing an all new site and moving my poker chip tricks tutorials. I also have quite a few new tricks to add. Big things are planned and I’m pretty excited about it.