Consumers Energy Asks Customers to Reduce Gas Usage and Many Reactions are Humans at Their Worst

The winter storm on Monday and the record-setting low temperatures that followed have been one of the worst winter weeks I can remember. To make matters worse, yesterday there was a fire at gas compressor station in southeast Michigan, which is responsible for a large part of the state’s natural gas supply.

Last night the governor put out a video on Facebook and pushed an emergency alert asking people to turn their thermostats down to 65° or less for the next day and a half.

Here was the weather shortly after I got the alert.

My first thoughts were, “Wow, this must be pretty serious. I can bundle up more for the next 36 hours. Sure beats running out of gas and a bunch of people not having any heat!”

I made the mistake of opening up the comments on the FB video. Here’s are some actual examples…

Due to the EXTREMELY HIGH auto insurance rates in Michigan, I’m asking you to lower my insurance premiums first.

No! I pay for my heat and if I want my thermostat at 74 to keep my family warm then I’m doing it! You’re out of your minds! Turning the heat down that low will more than likely not be able to keep up with the wind and it will continue to get colder! You provide the energy, to an area that does have winters like this, your equipment should be able to accommodate.

The money that comes out of my pocket pays for the natural gas to keep my family warm. Nobody has the right to ask me to lower my natural gas consumption. I’ll pay the higher bill to keep my family comfortable.

Screw you. Plus don’t use the emergency alert for your request.

Lower my auto insurance!

65!?!!! My kids will freeze . Let me see your house at 65 or below first!


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