March Madness Thoughts

Random thoughts heading into the Elite 8.

  • Did a 16 seed really beat the #1 team in the country? No, they embarrassed them! Still can’t believe it.
  • I said Michigan State was overrated before the tournament and they proved it by losing to a poor Syracuse team. State’s strength of schedule this year was extremely weak and they lost both games to Michigan.
  • Teams playing zone defence have done well.
  • The ACC clearly was the best conference in the country.
  • The SEC got way too many teams in the tournament.
  • Loyola has won 3 games by a total of 4 points. I hope they pull off another win and make the Final Four.
  • Duke has a tough road to the Championship game with Kansas tomorrow and potentially Villanova in the Final Four. Big win last night when they shot <20% from three, shot <40% overall, and were out rebounded.
  • Michigan has the easiest road to the big one with a 9 seed tonight and either a 9 or 11 in the Final 4.
  • I picked Duke to win it all 82-76 over Michigan.

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