Brain Candy Live!

img_0190I’ve enjoyed several MythBusters marathons over the years and have been watching a lot of Adam Savage’s stuff through his TESTED YouTube channel with my new making hobbies. Adam is one of the most well-known makers in the world. I’ve learned a lot from watching some of his techniques, have been inspired by many of his builds, and have been following some of his ideas while building my workshop.

He tours doing a show called Brain Candy Live! with Michael Stevens, who runs a very popular YouTube channel of his own (Vsauce), with over 12.5 million subscribers. A couple of weeks ago I looked to see if they were coming to Michigan and not even 3 weeks later they were going to be in Midland. Rounded up some friends and we got tickets for yesterday’s show.

It was fun, with plenty of puns and cheesy jokes. The guys did a bunch of neat demos with some wow moments like this smoke ring.

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