Blade Runner: The Final Cut

The release of Blade Runner 2049 has been getting a lot of hype, so I posted my unimpressed memory of the original to Twitter. I remember thinking, “Is this one of those cases where everyone says they really liked the movie because everyone else says it and they don’t want to feel left out?”

I think I borrowed a DVD from a friend 10 or 12 years ago, but I have no idea which version of Blade Runner it was. After a bit of searching, I found I could rent The Final Cut on Amazon Video.

Side note: having to fire up my Xbox One and fight with passwords in order to launch the Amazon Video app was a pain in the ass. When does their app for the Apple TV come out?!

I quickly realized I didn’t remember any of the plot. So with a fresh view and open mind, I kept reminding myself the movie came out in 1982, when I was 2. I’d also read about the visuals and how Blade Runner has influenced so many films since, which helped me pay attention to details I wouldn’t have noticed. With it set in 2019 Los Angeles, now less than 2 years away, I kept thinking about how movie portrayals of the future can be extremely far off, especially when it comes to technology. We still don’t have flying cars, talking to a computer is finally improving, and computer screens are a lot more advanced than text terminals.

I was able to appreciate the film this time around and can give it my 👍🏻. Looking forward to seeing the new 2049.

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