Garage Reorganization

Last weekend I started cleaning my garage and came up with an idea of how to rearrange things so that the lawn mower wasn’t blocking access to my workbench.

Maybe I should have turned on some lights.

Yesterday I continued the cleaning, but started with a couple of moves. I had to shift the vise over one stud to make room for the workbench on the same wall. I also had to move the wall tool hangers over to the front wall of the garage.

This project was a good opportunity to try out the time-lapse feature on my new YI Action Camera, which I think was configured to take a picture every 0.5 second. I didn’t realize until I’d already processed the video in iMovie and uploaded it that I forgot to add some audio. I wasn’t going to start over though.

This morning I continued with a few more improvements. I put up an additional 2×4′ pegboard to the right of the workbench. I’m using it for the less frequently used tools and accessories. It also allowed me to get some things out of the drawers. I bought a couple of brackets so I could put up another shelf I had in the basement.

I really like how the reorg turned out; the area is more functional. I was really getting sick of climbing over the mower to access my tools. I’m sure I’ll move things around and reorganize the shelves as I go to make sure the common stuff is within easy reach. This also puts the workbench underneath a light, which I hadn’t even thought about.

Always be iterating!

2 thoughts on “Garage Reorganization

  1. […] A couple of years ago I did a big reorganization of the garage before I moved all of my tools to the basement and created a workshop down there. The high shelves on the front wall of the garage turned out to be a terrible idea because I couldn’t reach anything; I’d have to move a bunch of shit out of the way and use a ladder. I finally had enough and moved everything around. Here’s a before and after. […]


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