CrossFit Programing: Are We Doing Too Much?

Following up on my post about Online CrossFit Programming, I wanted to write some thoughts about how affiliates program classes for the general population, like you or I.

CrossFit is meant to be a conditioning-biased exercise program. Look to this pyramind illustrating a theoretical hierarchy for the development of an athlete. It comes from Greg Glassman’s “What is Fitness”, which was published 15 years ago in the CrossFit Journal.


Nutrition is the most important and then it’s conditioning. Somewhere about 5 years ago CrossFit affiliates started to shift the importance and focus of their programming to be strength-biased. This probably had something to do with the rise in popularity of the CrossFit Games; people wanted to train like the elite Games athletes.

Since day 1 and still today, the WOD posted on is only one workout. They don’t suggest performing a strength piece, a skill piece, and a conditioning piece every day like you see in almost every CrossFit affiliate around the world. If you attend a Level 1 seminar, during the programming lecture they don’t teach you how to jam pack an hour with as much exercising as you can. Sure some of the Main Site WODs are strength focused, as they should be, but the majority of days the workout is a conditioning based one. Are we causing ourselves to get injured more and limiting our potential as human beings by doing too much?

Here’s a great podcast episode with Ben Bergeron, who is one of the top coaches in the sport. He explains a lot on the topic and makes a lot of great points for conditioning-biased programming.

What do you think?

Once I finish up this Push Only program I’m following (about 4 more weeks), I might experiment with some conditioning-biased programming like CrossFit teaches us.

4 thoughts on “CrossFit Programing: Are We Doing Too Much?

  1. Our box is probably METCON biased, based on my experience. Every day we do METCON longer than strength training, and at least once a week it is just METCON. This is today’s WOD:

    Thanks for reminding me the importance of metabolic conditioning. I tend to like strength training better – probably because it’s easier. But this is more important!


  2. Awesome insight! I didn’t really take into account the shift like that. Being that I’ve done crossfit for nearly two years now, I look forward to going into the box and seeing a skill, strength, then burning metcon to finish it off. I can say that when I traveled to Crossfit Omaha, Stacie Tovar’s wonderful gym, we performed a “metcon-ish” warmup and then did some snatch work. So the work load was minimal but I left with gasping lungs. When people ask me why I crossfit, I respond with this, “it makes me move and it’s fun.” Isn’t that why we train?! Great post!

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