Electronics by Number

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to organize my 100+ resistors. After getting a cheap 1,000 piece ceramic capacitor kit, finding a better way to organize things became a priority. At the local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft I found these bead storage systems, which contain individual cylinders with screw tops. They work great and there were enough spares that I’m able to store diodes and transistors as well.

Are you wondering why the order of the small canisters isn’t entirely sequential? When there are 3 digits in the marking on a small capacitor, the last digit represents how many zeros to add. For example 104 would be 10 followed by 4 zeros, signifying a capacitance of 100,000 picofarads (0.1 microfarad). Therefore 104 is larger than 683 (68,000).

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