My Growing Pi Family

I bought my first Raspberry Pi, when the Zero came out, barely a year ago. Last month I picked up a Pi 3 Model B. Over the last few weeks I’ve added 3 more Pis!

Included the $20 for scale.

With the first three, my host naming lacked imagination. I called them pizero, pi3b, and pizero2. Boring! I decided to start naming them alphabetically, after actual types of pie. As pictured above (left to right) the host names and what I’m doing are:

  • apple: always up on my network, running Pi-hole (awesome!), Homebridge, and Home Assistant (which I still need to configure).
  • boston-cream: runs Pi AD2.
  • cherry: for experimenting and prototyping, but I have a project in the pipeline.
  • derby: the same as cherry.
  • elderberry: not sure what to do with this one yet. Maybe a RetroPie machine.

The name will not be raspberry if I get to the letter R.

If you have any neat uses for a Raspberry Pi, let me know.

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