West Coast Road Trip

Friends, I need your help. This summer, after watching the CrossFit Games in Carson City, CA, I’ll be driving up the coast with a couple of friends. Probably a lot of driving up the 1, maybe some through the mountains. I imagine we’ll want to hit up the big cities of San Francisco, Portland, and most likely fly home from Seattle.

If you’ve done part of the drive or live out there, what are some suggestions for must stop places to see, eat, hike, whatever? We need to start planning and I’d rather start with a list from people I know. Would it be smarter to plan out our destinations each day and have rooms booked or wing it and let adventure be our guide? I kind of would like to wing it, but maybe that doesn’t work so well out there. I don’t know. Any suggestions or tips you can share would help a lot. Thanks!

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  1. From Carson City, I’d definitely take the PCH at least all the way from Malibu to Monterey. The inland drive along this section isn’t nearly as interesting as the coastal route. I’d then switch over to the 101 to get through San Jose and San Francisco, so you can get back to the PCH on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge (the section of the PCH between Monterey and SF is my least-favorite of the entire route). Once you’re in Marin, get back on the PCH until it ends in Leggett where it rejoins the 101. You’ll get a good mix of mountains and coast, with more mountain driving in the northern section.

    I’ve driven the entire PCH, and annually drive the section from Ventura to San Francisco, so I’ve plenty more information to share!

    And as a tease, the photos I’ve taken along the PCH: https://i.ethitter.com/roadway/ca-1/.

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