Flat Stanley

My niece’s preschool class sent Flat Stanley to me for an adventure. I’ve been trying to think of stuff the kids will think is funny.

I asked Stanley to help me with some garage organizing.
He was a little weak and looked thin, so we did a workout to try and add some muscle.
Stanley loved Thor: Ragnarok. The Incredible Hulk was his favorite character.
Halloween candy! I’ll send some candy and an empty wrapper back so it looks like he ate some on the journey.
He helped me out at work and earned one of our WordPress Wapuu pins.

If you have any good ideas, let me know. I have a few days before I need to send him back.

The Sasquatch Zipline

In the weeks leading up to our yearly Automattic Grand Meetup, people organize all kinds of activities. I’ve always wanted to do a zipline tour and I was lucky to get my name on the list early enough to secure a spot. There were 2 different tours available and I picked one out of the blue because of the date and time.


I didn’t even realize what I was signing up for! While the total tour time is 1.5 hours, the estimated time on the zipline is 90-100 seconds. The single line spans over 2 km, reaching speeds of 100+ km/h!

Talk about a rush! It was much harder to spin around than I expected, so once I got myself situated I spent a lot of time with my hands on the handles.


West Coast Road Trip

Friends, I need your help. This summer, after watching the CrossFit Games in Carson City, CA, I’ll be driving up the coast with a couple of friends. Probably a lot of driving up the 1, maybe some through the mountains. I imagine we’ll want to hit up the big cities of San Francisco, Portland, and most likely fly home from Seattle.

If you’ve done part of the drive or live out there, what are some suggestions for must stop places to see, eat, hike, whatever? We need to start planning and I’d rather start with a list from people I know. Would it be smarter to plan out our destinations each day and have rooms booked or wing it and let adventure be our guide? I kind of would like to wing it, but maybe that doesn’t work so well out there. I don’t know. Any suggestions or tips you can share would help a lot. Thanks!