Pinnacle Park

I hiked up the West Fork Trail that leads to Pinnacle. It was a steady climb for the first 2+ miles and then leveled out for most of the remainder. It was about 3.3 miles out to the Pinnacle and then I descended the same way I went up.

On Monday I went back and took the other route, up the East Fork Trail to Blackrock. I started to like it better right away because it was a narrower and steeper trail, not covered in rocks all the way like the West Fork had been. At about 2.5 miles in it leveled out before getting really steep in the last half mile plus. It ended up being 3.5 miles up. Not only did I enjoy the trail up better, but the views and getting up on the rock was much better than the Pinnacle. I guess West Fork and Pinnacle are more popular because of the difficulty of the ascent as well as the overall distance.

Since I didn’t want to descend back down the steep East Fork, I took a trail that led me over to the West Fork and down the trail that led up to Pinnacle. The descent was about 4 miles.

Over 14 miles in 2 days. My legs are smoked!

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