Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

One of my favorite places to be is on a difficult solo hike. Just me and the mountain, with nobody to slow me down.


I took this photo in 2011 on the Echo Canyon Summit trail at Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s my favorite hike and one I did many times when I snowbirded for a few winters. The elevation change is more than 1,200 feet over 1.2 miles, so it’s a very challenging hike.

Surrounded by Mountains

During a hike this morning, I stopped to take a 360° panorama of the mountains. I used the iOS app 360 ($0.99) to do all of the hard work. It’s a nifty little app and only took about a minute for the process.

To interact with the panorama and get the full experience, view it in my account on the 360 site. It’s really cool on a device like the iPhone because it can use the gyroscope, allowing you to “look” all around. Here is a flat representation (click the image for full size).

Next is a stereographic image of the panorama, which is pretty neat too. Again, click for full size.

I’d say the result is pretty great considering it took about 60 seconds, I didn’t have a tripod (just stood and turned in a circle), and the app is less than a buck. I’ve seen worse panorama’s when people use fancy equipment and spend a good chunk of time stitching individual images together.