Transfer Purchases


If you have any iPhone I’m sure you’ve seen this message when trying to upgrade iOS. Not very helpful is it? Each time I get it I go searching around the iTunes UI for a way to do it. Finally I end up Googling to find the answer: File->Devices->Transfer Purchases

Apple, how about adding a button to fire off this process? The cancel button is pretty useless here. Or, I don’t know, make the Sync operation do it by default! Why would I not want my purchases synced to my account?

5 Replies to “Transfer Purchases”

  1. So I’m not the only one, then?!

    I get this pretty much every time I sync. And canceling and synching doesn’t do anything.

    I’ve come to just ignore the warning and continue.

    Bang on, Nick. Provide the user with an action.



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