Accidental iPhone X Modes

Something I’ve noticed more and more with the iPhone X is I accidentally trigger some modes a lot more than I ever did with previous models. Here are 14 screenshots and pictures (actually a lot more sinceĀ five of these are burst modes) I took today while leaving the gym.

Two other things I trigger all the time are the Apple Pay prompt and Emergency calling. Thankfully I haven’t called an emergency contact yet. Maybe it’s because I enabled Raise to Wake for use with Face ID, which was never enabled before.

Does anyone else have these issues?

Transfer Purchases


If you have any iPhone I’m sure you’ve seen this message when trying to upgrade iOS. Not very helpful is it? Each time I get it I go searching around the iTunes UI for a way to do it. Finally I end up Googling to find the answer: File->Devices->Transfer Purchases

Apple, how about adding a button to fire off this process? The cancel button is pretty useless here. Or, I don’t know, make the Sync operation do it by default! Why would I not want my purchases synced to my account?