DIY Standing Desk

I spent about an hour this morning looking at various DIY standing desks online. After spending a total of $41.27, it took me less than a half hour to convert my desk into a standing station.


  • 2 Black Parsons End Tables from Walmart ($12.88 each)
  • 1 White shelf 10″x36″ at Home Depot ($5.69)
  • 2 White 10″ single track brackets at Home Depot ($1.76 each)
  • 1 White 46″ single track upright from Home Depot ($3.96)

I assembled the tables and then cut the track upright into 3 pieces. The 2 pieces I used were equal length and taken from opposite sides of the original piece so that I would have even tops when attached to the table legs. I drilled a couple of small holes in each table leg using the track uprights as my guide. Then I attached the uprights to the legs of one table using some screws I found in my garage. Set it all up and voila!

The thing I liked about using the tracks instead of angle shelf brackets is that I can adjust the height of the keyboard shelf if I need to. I’ll have to put something under the laptop to get it higher and may need to experiment with the height of my main monitor.

I’m really happy with how easy this was and how it turned out. When I need a break from standing it’ll be easy to disconnect the laptop and sit on my office chair or work in the other room. Maybe I’ll even get a high stool to use once in a while. Now we’ll see how my posture improves and if I can get my spine back into a more normal position.

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