My First Duathlon

My friend Dave has been training for a duathlon and I’ve always wanted to do one, so I signed up to join him. It’s called the Out for Blood Duathlon and is on April 16th, just over a month away. The duathlon consists of a 5K run followed by a 20K bike ride. I can complete both of those on their own so I just need to increase my fitness to be able to them together.

I found a decent 4 week program online, which I’ve adapted to create my training program:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Run 20 easy Rest Run 40 Cycle 35 easy Rest Run 20
Cycle 45
Cycle 60
Run 25 easy Rest Run 50 Cycle 40 easy Rest Run 25
Cycle 50
Cycle 70
Run 30 easy Rest Run 55 Cycle 45 easy Rest Run 30
Cycle 60
Cycle 80
Rest Run 40 Rest Cycle 30 easy Rest Run 20 easy RACE

* All numbers are minutes.

My goal is to finish under 1:20:00 1:15:00 which is doable if I run 7 mph and ride 14 16 mph. (I found some 2004 riding data showing I consistently rode over 16 mph on my mountain bike, so adjusted my goal. If I hit those paces, I’ll have 2 minutes to spare on the goal time, which will be needed at the starting line and for the transition.) I better start training!

10 Replies to “My First Duathlon”

  1. You’ll be able to ride a lot faster than 14 I think. I do 16-18 on the rail trail without pushing too hard. 7mph running is fast for me. I run about 10:30/mile right now but should be a little faster during the race since I’m running more than 5K in my short runs now.
    I looked at last years times for my age group and there were finishers with times shorter than I think I can do the ride in. Should be fun.

    What are you doing for a bike since I stole yours?


    1. I’ll be riding my mountain bike which is slower than a road bike, but I never really liked the road bike, so that’s fine by me. I signed up for the mountain bike division. I’m doing about 15 mph on a stationary bike in the fitness center here and if I remember from a few years ago I usually rode 14-15 mph on the rail trail out to St. Charles with the bike I’ll be using. I think I’ll be able to do the run faster in the race because I’ve been able to do that pace or faster on the treadmill. I need to start running outside to learn to set my own pace though.


      1. I was wrong. Found some old emails from 2004 when I was riding 13-15 miles at 16+ mph on the mountain bike. 1:20:00 should be cake so I better adjust my goal. Looking at last years results I may even be able to contend for the mountain bike division. 🙂


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