Running Upgrade

Grabbed this treadmill for my garage gym, because I love running so much (haha). It’ll be a nice option in the winter, even for active recovery walking, which I miss out on when it’s not golf season.

It doesn’t fold up, but I couldn’t pass on the price (free) and having a truck means I can grab stuff like this now. Just need a Concept 2 rower to complete the cardio quartet since I have an Airdyne and Ski Erg.


New Reebok Kicks

When Reebok is giving an additional 30% off in addition to their end of the summer sales, I can’t help myself.

The CrossFit Speed TR has been my favorite shoe for the gym so getting a second pair for $56 was a steal. The color is called “Vitamin C” and looked a lot more orange-ish on the web site when I ordered them. The color of my photo makes them look even different; they are more of a pink/salmon in person. I’ll rock ’em, because I’m not returning them.

For only $28, the Reebok Runner was an easy selection, especially since my size was available in blue. My current running shoes are about a year old, so might be up for retirement. The sockliner in these has a memory foam, which I’m looking forward to trying.

I love buying shoes. 🙂

I’m Pumped

When we grow up we still want the things we wanted as kids. I finally have a pair of Pumps.

March Miles

Training for the duathlon has upped my mileage dramatically from the last two months. I’ve done quite a bit more golfing too. Overall March was a good way to end my 4 Hour Body experimenting (will be finished after Saturday) and get ready for my first duathlon.

  • 32.6 miles running
  • 110.1 miles cycling
  • 62.2 miles walking (nearly all was on the golf course)
  • 14.7 miles hiking

That’s a total of 219.6 miles for the month, which is more than January and February combined!

This is not an April Fool’s Day joke. Check my RunKeeper profile for full details.

My First Duathlon

My friend Dave has been training for a duathlon and I’ve always wanted to do one, so I signed up to join him. It’s called the Out for Blood Duathlon and is on April 16th, just over a month away. The duathlon consists of a 5K run followed by a 20K bike ride. I can complete both of those on their own so I just need to increase my fitness to be able to them together.

I found a decent 4 week program online, which I’ve adapted to create my training program:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Run 20 easy Rest Run 40 Cycle 35 easy Rest Run 20
Cycle 45
Cycle 60
Run 25 easy Rest Run 50 Cycle 40 easy Rest Run 25
Cycle 50
Cycle 70
Run 30 easy Rest Run 55 Cycle 45 easy Rest Run 30
Cycle 60
Cycle 80
Rest Run 40 Rest Cycle 30 easy Rest Run 20 easy RACE

* All numbers are minutes.

My goal is to finish under 1:20:00 1:15:00 which is doable if I run 7 mph and ride 14 16 mph. (I found some 2004 riding data showing I consistently rode over 16 mph on my mountain bike, so adjusted my goal. If I hit those paces, I’ll have 2 minutes to spare on the goal time, which will be needed at the starting line and for the transition.) I better start training!

January & February Miles

During the month of February I logged 84.38 miles with the RunKeeper iPhone app.

  • 9.1 miles running
  • 24.18 miles hiking
  • 18.41 miles cycling
  • 32.69 miles walking*

In January I logged 75.31 total miles.

  • 21.25 miles running
  • 2.25 miles hiking
  • 23.03 miles cycling
  • 28.78 miles walking*

*Walking includes golfing without a cart, to/from hiking trail, and cool downs after running.

I think this has really helped out my weight loss with 4 Hour Body.

Hitting the Wall

Back in my younger days I ran quite a bit. I might have even enjoyed it once in awhile. During 8th grade and my freshmen year of high school I ran cross country. We had some fun during practices, but I can’t really say that I enjoyed the running aspect of the sport. I ran the distance events during my freshmen year of high school and just hated it. I was never a good long distance runner, which probably had something to do with it; I don’t like to lose.

At some point in every long distance (3+ miles) run I’ve ever made I’ve hit the wall. The wall is the point where you just can’t push your body any longer. Breathing would get hard and my legs would eventually give out. I’d either have to slow down or stop completely. As an athlete this was not fun. I don’t like to give up.

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