4 Hour Body: Before I Begin

Last week I read The 4 Hour Body: : An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman by Tim Ferriss and loved it. The book is loaded with great info. I’m going to do the Slow Carb Diet, kettlebell workout, 6 minute abs, some cardio of my own, and of course I’ll be golfing. My plan is to keep track of everything, take photos of my meals, and publish a weekly update.


Before 4 Hour Body

For full disclosure, I lost some weight since November 28th, when I hit 198 pounds on the scale. I was able to do this by cutting out junk food, fast food, pop/soda, and trying to eat good healthy foods most of the time. I did a few short workouts near the end of December and have been doing cardio for the last 2 weeks.

Current Data

To track progress I’ll be using 3 key numbers, which I recorded this morning:

  • Weight: 193.9 lbs
  • Body fat:  19.4%
  • Total inches: 144.75

Total inches is a sum of the right arm (mid bicep), left arm, waist at navel, hips, right thigh, and left thigh.


At the end of 4 weeks I want to get my weight down to 180, body fat to 12%, and total inches to 135. The plan is to weigh in each day and take the other measurements on Saturday since that’s cheat day. I’ll post a progress report every Sunday. I dare you to join me on this journey!

The Journey

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