ESPN Insider

Does anyone really pay for an ESPN Insider subscription? More and more articles and features are being flagged with the little IN icon at and it’s pissing me off. As if I don’t pay enough to get their stations on cable, they want me to pay to read their web site now. I refuse.

2 Replies to “ESPN Insider”

  1. I completely agree, it sucks ass. I try to use their site for a paper or just to read up on some sports news and all I get is the first paragraph or two. Rediculous!


  2. Agree, What are they doing. They have everything to gain by opening things up. Whay would anyone go anywhere else? I no longer am a fan of the world wide leader in sports as they are trying to gain some revenue when they would get more by giving the articles away (more page views, more vistors and longer page views). I dont understand their reasoning.


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