I Wonder

I’ve decided to take the first “I Wonder” post and make it into the I Wonder Series. I’ll add things into a saved post and when I have enough I’ll post it. I think I come up with plenty of random thoughts to keep this going on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

I wonder…

  • Is there is a company doing drug testing of potential employees that would let someone off the hook because of a recent trip to Amsterdam? Doubtful.
  • Do some of the “bigger” girls wearing tight clothes actually think they look good? Working at a college I see way too many clothes that don’t fit being worn.
  • How much do people get paid on some of the big reality TV shows? The Real World and Big Brother as examples. I recently found out that a friend of a friend of a friend got paid $30,000 and over $200 a day for being on an FX reality show which taped for 30 days. The $200/day was for food and entertainment purposes. That’s some sweet cash!
  • Will Dan Brown ever finish his next book?
  • Why is the drinking age in the United States still 21? So many other countries with the age at 18 or 19 don’t seem to have a problem.
  • How long will it take Michelle Wie to win a tournament on the PGA Tour? Yes, that is the men’s tour. I think she is going to be that good.
  • What is the longest distance someone has run without stopping?
  • Does anyone besides me alphabetize their DVD collection?
  • How much snow will we get this winter? Hopefully a lot less than last year.
  • Would I feel more screwed if my birthday had been on a February 29th instead of the day after X-mas?

Any answers? What do you wonder?

5 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. Drinking is 21 so that we can have paved roads. Congress told the states that if you wanted paved roads for better transport raise the age. I think it was during the prohibation. That’s why LA (state) drinking age is 18, and they have shitty roads.


  2. I also alphabetize my dvds. Also, I agree with 18 being a great age for drinking. College starts at 18 usually and so does drinking, whether it’s legally or not, we’re gonna drink in college. Alot of people don’t drink as much after they turn 21 than they do when they’re younger cuz it’s not a challenge anymore.


  3. Why is the drinking age in the United States still 21? So many other countries with the age at 18 or 19 don’t seem to have a problem.

    Other countries do not look at alcohol with the negative stigma that it has here… I remember playing soccer and then getting a beer afterwards when I was about 14. No big deal 🙂


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