I Wonder

I always have random thoughts running through my mind, so I thought I’d share a few of them I’ve had lately…

  • Why is your list of criminal offenses called a “rap sheet”?
  • When we fold our hands, is it based on our dominant hand? I’m right-handed and I fold my hands with my right thumb on top.
  • Which pant leg to people tend to put on first? At the moment I can’t even think of which one I do.
  • What did Lance Armstrong ever do to piss off the French? I really wish he’d come back for another Tour de France or two, but I can understand why he wants to walk away after 7 straight wins.
  • Will the next generation of video game consoles live up to the hype? My guess is they will not.
  • Why do people keep dumping money into savings accounts when they have debt up the ass? Interest rates on credit cards and loans are usually much much higher than the rate you earn in a savings account. Using the money to pay off debt makes you money in the long run. Keep enough money stored away for an emergency situation, but put the rest to good use. I’ve paid off my student loans less than 4 years after college and in another 6 months or less I’ll have my auto loan paid off in less than one year. It really does work.
  • Why do males tend to read more in the bathroom?
  • How can pro athletes to broke? With smart investing their children and grand children should be set for life.
  • What would I do first if I won the lottery?
  • How much different would I be if I had been born in another state of the US?
  • If I was living alone and had some freak accident at home, how long would it take for someone to come looking for me?
  • What will be the next big thing in technology? Right now I’d have to say it’s still the iPod family.
  • Will anyone ever beat Google as a search engine? Not for a long time…
  • Where will I be in 5 years? 10 years? How will I get there?
  • Will we see flying cars in our lifetime? I want to drive the highway in the sky.
  • How long will poker be as popular as it has been over the last two years?
  • Am I making the world a better place?
  • Can I recite my ABCs when I’m drunk?

Have an answer to something? Leave a comment.

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5 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. I wonder what if I quit everything I do and just go to a tennis camp and become a Pro?

    I wonder if life is just a big test for us to figure out ourselves at the end?

    I wonder where would I be or do if I didn’t have those good friends?


  2. The thumbs thing has to do with your dominant hand….at least that is what a college professor told me………..

    First thing I would do if I won the lotto would be to pay off all the debt in my entire family….lucky for you that we are cousins!!! haha


  3. > When we fold our hands, is it based on our dominant hand?

    It just has to do with personal preferences. At least for me.

    I’m left-handed and my right thumb is on the top,too. Having my left thumb on the top just feels wrong. Though I also use my mouse with the right hand. Because I’ve done it this way the first time and everybody does it in this right-hand-centric world 😉


  4. […] I’ve decided to take the first “I Wonder” post and make it into the I Wonder Series. I’ll add things into a saved post and when I have enough I’ll post it. I think I come up with plenty of random thoughts to keep this going on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. […]


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