Spit Or Swallow?

After chewing a piece of gum, do you spit it out or swallow it?

I swallow (my gum). Several people have commented to me in the past that they think it’s gross. I don’t understand. I don’t chew up a piece of licorice and then spit it in the garbage. Or toast, or pickles, or anything for that matter. Why do some people view gum differently from other food items we eat?

We’ve all heard the myths about chewing gum. No, it doesn’t take 7 years to digest. In fact, gum digests just as fast as anything else we swallow and is not harmful.

77 thoughts on “Spit Or Swallow?

  1. That isnt a very reliable source. Also my Biology teacher in 7th grade told us normally it does come out but sometimes the body builds a pocket for the gum in the digestive track and it can stay there for quite a while like 4 or so months. I do not think it stays for 7 years but it is harmful to the body like any other junk food as it is.


  2. gum is made out of a soluble fiber so it doesn’t get digested, it passes through you with the rest of your waste. think about that next time you swallow. oh and it would seem to me it was meant to be chewed, hence the name chewing gum, not food. know what i mean?


  3. hahaha this is funny… Nice one Deke! Here’s a good question for ya, on the gum it tells you howmuch calories is in it, Now would it be anymore calories if you actually swallow it? or no πŸ˜‰


  4. I still don’t think I’d want to swallow my gum. I guess I still think it would all pile up in my stomach somewhere, even though you never hear about anyone who’s had health problems because they’ve swallowed too many pieces!


  5. I swallow… I just did… that’s why I ended up here…. I was searching to know if it is harmful to swallow gum? Well… seven years? uh oh!!


  6. I ALWAYS SWALLOW GUM………I swallow at least 5 pieces a day….When I have 6 feet of bubble gum I swallow it.Every piece of gum I get or is given to me….I ALWAYS ALWAYS SWALLOW IT,…..


  7. why do u peeps swallow gum_ its actuall bad, it does get stuck on your digestive track and stays there for months, it doesnt always get digested because yes it is made of fiber. well, i swallowed gum before but my stomach ached later on. so there u have it. its harmfull eventhough it goues out with the rest of your wastes. and that would actually be funny is when u shit it out, a bubble gum blew up while u farted! LOL. hahahahahah.


  8. I’ve been searching the Internet trying to find if it’s that harmful, like Maria. Man, I’m too much of a worrier -_-;;


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