What Would You Do?

You’re out shopping for a few things and notice that the cashier didn’t charge you for something. Do you bring it up and ask him/her to charge you for it or do you go on with your business and take the item, free of charge? After all, stores don’t come running after us when they overcharge us for something do they?

What would you do?

5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. If I’m actually paying enough attention to notice, I say, “I think you missed this” or something, but usually I’m so preoccupied that I’m already home, thinking about the total seeming wrong, when I realize that something got missed, and I don’t go back and tell them even though I probably should. And yes, it does happen both ways very often. At least 10% of the time I’d say, something gets missed, and probably 30% of those times I notice it. Just guesses of course 🙂


  2. It depends on my previous experiences with the story. If I’ve felt mistrreated by them; then I don’t mention it. If I’ve gotten good service there before (or I’ve never been there); then I’ll mention it.


  3. I got 40.00 extra from my credit union one fri night and didnt notice until it was closed. Pondered all weekend what to do. Went back monday after work they said come back in a few days. I did , they said they showed no missing $$$ and I could have it . Pretty cool


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